Zachary is Lucy's son, William's nephew, Andy's first cousin once removed, and Bill and Violette's grandson. He made his first appearance in a general non-psycho video. Although we don't know much information yet, he has made a few appearances in the series so far, which was when he was crying from Lucy and William's behavior in LUCY TRIES TO STEAL THE PLAY BUTTON!!!. He has appeared in a few videos. He seems to like the TV show PAW Patrol, as seen in DAD GETS SO MAD HE SHOOTS SON IN THE BUTT OVER FOUL MOUTH!!!, where Violette is showing viewers what his gifts are gonna be. Zachary doesn't act out as much as William does.

This makes Violette his grandmother, Bill his grandfather, William his uncle, and Andy his first cousin once removed. Zachary loves Lucy and she loves him in return. He doesn't have bad-behavior like William, but he does throw tantrums like a younger kid would. Not much is known about him, but he did appear in a few videos. Such as in VIOLETTE1ST FAMILY GOES CRAZY IN OLIVE GARDEN!!! when it was Violette's birthday and the family went to Olive Garden to celebrate. Zachary is shown playing on an iPhone (possibly Lucy's or Violette's) Bill actually appreciates and favors Zachary.