William burns his father's phone was posted on March 6, 2016 and is the 17th video on the "William's Raging Series Playlist". It has received over 140,000 views on YouTube as of May 24, 2016.


The video begins with Bill trying to get William off the Xbox which William doesn't listen to him. When he refuses, Bill goes to turns off his internet. This causes William to comestairs complaining that the people he was playing with online on Xbox saying he rage quits and get his dad's phone and fire materials. Violette then tells Bill that William has his phone and follows William outside and William burns the phone. When Bill finds out, he becomes enraged and tells William that he owes him a new phone and William refuses to get Bill a new phone. William gets angry and then once the phone was burned, William began beating it up with a piece of wood and the video ends with his mom looking at the fire burning the phone.

Things Destroyed

Victim Destructor Method Victims Final Results
William's Dad's Phone William Set on fire Burned to death