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William Throws the Thanksgiving Turkey was the tenth video in the Violette1st raging series. It was published on Thanksgiving 2015.


The video starts with classical music and the whole family (at least the people shown in the video because they might have other cousins). Then, the meal is over. A couple seconds after William got on his phone, Aunt Lee asks someone to lend her the turkey, and Violette tells William to do it. He refuses to hand Aunt Lee the turkey and gets repeatedly asked to. He instead throws the turkey on the ground, much to Aunt Lee and Violette's distraught. At least an hour worth of Aunt Lee's effort is WASTED.

Things Destroyed[]

• Thanksgiving Turkey ($25.00 in Damages)


  • This is the first video with the first intro.
  • Aunt Lee's first and Zachary's second appearance were in this video.
    • Aunt Lee might have put her hands on her head in shame.
    • Zach was with Lucy.
  • William throwing the Thanksgiving Turkey on the floor almost certainly foreshadowed:
    • Aunt Lee’s death
    • Lucy and Bill not liking William and becoming his enemy
      • These were probably because of them being very upset by William's behavior.
  • The video was uploaded on Thursday, November 26, 2015 (Thanksgiving).
  • Now, this video is 5 years old.
    • Time flies.
    • This is the second video Violette talks gibberish in this video. (She talked gibberish after William threw the Thanksgiving Turkey on the ground.)