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William Throws Temper Tantrum Because He Has To Do His Homework


Violette: [focusing on a worksheet] This is William's homework assignment, well this is what he thought was his homework assignment, and he really had two copies of it. Here's the copy he did. [camera focuses on the bottom of the page] The bottom of it he didn't quite do what he was supposed to so I asked him to fix it. He's throwing a fit. He forgot his homework Monday night-

William: [over his mom] Mom, I wasn't throwing a fit.

Violette: -so they sent it home the next day, and this is what they sent. [holds up a crumpled worksheet]

William: What are you talking about, you're so lying.

Violette: He crumpled it up, and then it turned - he said that was really class work [William snatches and crumples the worksheet] but it turns out I found the real homework assignment [holds up the assignment] and he won't do it. He's crumpling it up right now and this is a copy I'm sending - I'm sending this to the school principal. [William throws the crumpled worksheet at the camera] He's gonna be in the resource room.

William: Math is so stupid isn't it?

Violette: [holds up the assignment] You need to do this now.

William: Why?

Violette: 'Cause it says...homework. (Trivia: This is in the intro of Violette1st's 2015-2017 videos.)

William: It's 9:33!

Violette: That's because you were off. School was closed today from snow and you had all day to do this.

William: It's 9:33, Mom, I just want to get to bed!

Violette: You need to do your homework.

William: No.

Violette: Yes. [William crumples up the assignment and starts walking away] I am sending this to your school.

William: [stops] Okay but, just delete it, okay?

Violette: Nope.

William: I will break that camera.

Violette: I'm gonna send it to your school.

William: I will break that camera!

Violette: Then I'm gonna send a copy to grandma who bought the camera so-so she can see how you're treating it. [William walks away] Get over here.

William: No.

Violette: Alright, let me get this uploaded. [holds a worksheet in front of the camera]

William: [returning] Okay Mom! What do you want me to do?

Violette: I want you to do your homework as assigned.

William: Mom, do I have to do it? It's 9:34 in the morning.

Violette: Look, all you have - it is not 9:34 in the morning. All it is is subtracted - repeated subtraction on four problems.

William: Mom!

Violette: It's easy, you're taking-

William: It's 9:34!

Violette: Look! Just do repeated subtraction four times, and then you'll be done.

William: [over his mom] Mom, it's 9:34 I want to go to bed!

Violette: Okay well go get the pen, let's do this real quick - pencil.

William: You should have got me to bed earlier.

Violette: Uhh, you could have done this earlier but you chose to play around. [William crumples the assignment] Alright, now you just made yourself look worse. [William tosses the assignment aside] That was not a good idea, that's getting shown - this video is doing you in.

William: Don't show it to her!

Violette: Yup. I'm going to.

William: Okay Mom!

Violette: Well then do it now.

William: If I do it, will you just delete it off it?!

Violette: [uncrumples the assignment] I don't - I have to wait till - I'll consider it. If you do it with pride.

William: Mom, why are you making me do this at 9:35? [covers the camera with the assignment]

Violette: Okay yeah I can already see it, I already saw the homework, thank you for showing it to the video camera.

William: You're acting so stupid on it.

Violette: And I-now I have you on video telling your mother you said she's stupid.

William: Yeah you are stupid.

Violette: Let's get our pencil out and do this.

William: No Mom, it's 9:35!

Violette: [over William] The video's getting longer and longer.

William: It's 9:36, for real can I just go to bed?

Violette: This is what I'm going to do-

William: I'm so tired!

Violette: You can go to bed and skip your homework but I'm uploading this.

William: No!

Violette: Yes I am.

William: No!

Violette: Yes I am. [moves the camera around while William still tries to block it with the assignment]

William: [hums quietly] You're so stupid.

Violette: Do your homework.

William: No, you're so stupid.

Violette: Stop blocking the camera.

William: No.

Violette: Oh, I can't wait till daddy wakes up so I can show him how you're acting.

William: I can't wait till daddy wakes up-wakes up so I can te-show him how stupid you're acting.

Violette: This is getting uploaded, you know.

William: I don't care.

Violette: Good. [grabs the assignment] Let's go. Do your homework.

William: [grabs the assignment] Mom, why do I have to do it? It's so late, can I just do it in the morning?

Violette: No.

William: Why?

Violette: 'Cause you know you won't get up. [William tries to cover the camera with his hand]

William: Yeah I will.

Violette: No. Do it now. [William covers the camera with the assignment] You're the one who put it off all night long. You've been stalling and stalling.

William: Mom, why can't I just go to bed? I just wanna go to bed. [stops blocking the camera] everyone else gets to go to bed-

Violette: Since when?

William: -but me-

Violette: [over William] Well, everybody else did their homework.

William: -and everyone is asleep but me! [wails] Everyone else is asleep right now but me! [crying]

Violette: You tricked me. You said can you have two pieces of chocolate before you finish your homework, and then you'll finish it. You got your chocolate and then you didn't do it, you tricked me.

William: What about chocolate?! What are you talking about chocolate?

Violette: You had your two pieces of candy. You said you would - after you got those you'd do your homework. [William covers the camera with the assignment] You lied.

William: [stops blocking the camera] Mom, just d-delete the stupid video!

Violette: Not until the homework's complete. The video will not be dele - if you don't finish your homework tonight the video will not be deleted.

William: Oh my gosh, I will go to sleep!

Violette: Okay go to bed but the video-

William: I'm so tired! Why can't I just go to sleep?!

Violette: William it's four problems!

William: I wanna go...

Violette: William it's four problems!

William: Everyone else is asleep right now but me!

Violette: Andy, are you in the house? It's four problems!

William: So what?!

Violette: It'll take you a minute. Andy?!

William: [whimpers] (high-pitched) You're making me go to sleep so late! [cries]

Violette: [over William, focusing on a white bag] That's a bag on the sofa. It's gonna take you a minute! It's just four math problems. That's all it is, it's four math problems. That's all it is.

William: Why?

Violette: It's four math problems.

William: Why are you making me do this so late?!

Violette: That's all it is, it's four math problems.

William: I'm not gonna get any sleep. I have to get up at seven, and when are you-

Violette: It's four problems, it'll take you a minute!

William: (cries) It'll take me like...

Violette: It's four math problems, just do it.

William: Why are you doing this to me?

Violette: 'Cause you're having an...[William removes the phone from the hook, causing it to beep] anxiety attack, now put the phone back on the hook, please. [William obeys] Let's do the homework, you got your pencil?

William: No! I'm so tired! [cries] Why are you keeping me up like this?!

Violette: All you have to do is take a minute to do your homework.

William: [over his Mom] Why are you keeping me up like this?!

Violette: I wish Andy were here right now.

William: Can he get downstairs so I can show him how stupid you are?!

Violette: Andy's upstairs?!

William: Yeah.

Violette: He's outside I thought.

William: No, I think he's up there. [tries to block the camera with his hand] Mom! 

Violette: Andy!

William: Shut the stupid video off!

Violette: Do your homework first.

William: No, Mom!

Violette: Do your four math problems.

William: [shouting] Mom! Turn it off! Shut it off!

Violette: Do your homework real quick...

William: No. [crumples the assignment]

Violette: -and then the video will go off. Willia-okay, you're making it worse for yourself!

William: I don't care! I just want to go to bed!

Violette: Where's Andy?!

William: Get him in here so I can show him how stupid you're acting.

Violette: Lucy will you get Andy?

Lucy: Where is he?

Violette: I don't know. He's either outside or- [William hits his mother's hand] Did you just hit my hand?

William: I just hit your hand, what's wrong with it?

Violette: You just said that on video.

William: So?

Violette: So now you're gonna be getting a time out tomorrow also.

William: Oh my gosh. Okay, I'll just do the homework [covers the camera with the assignment] just shut the stupid video off!

Violette: Not until you get the pencil and you start doing the homework.

William: Oh my gosh! What the heck- The heck is wrong with you?! [walks away to get a pencil] I've got the pencil, delete the video! I won't see you do it! (cries) [returning]

Violette: [over William] Not until you do it. The homework. And now you have to wait until you do the time out tomorrow also.

William: No! I'm not doing the homework!

Violette: Do your homework!

William: I just hit you in the hand!

Violette: Fine, do your homework. And that's not it, it's behind you, the one you crumpled up.

William: [grabs the crumpled assignment] Mom, why are you taping every stupid move I do?!

Violette: 'Cause I'm waiting for you to cooperate.

William: You are so stupid!

Violette: That's gonna be again - used against you tomorrow too. [William starts writing on the assignment] Lean on your notebook so you don't make a hole.

William: My gosh! [places the assignment on top of a crumpled worksheet and other items, and writes forcefully enough to rip a hole in the homework] Hole, hole right there.

Violette: Alright, I'm gonna - now I have you on video putting a hole in your homework. [the pencil is shown to be damaged]

William: Now there's- [starts to walk away]

Violette: Where are you going?

William: Going to get a pencil. [leaves]

Violette: Lucy, you're next! [focuses on a ginger cat] What a good kitty cat to keep him. Alright, I will resume this later. Hopefully, he will do his homework now. Goodbye. [attempts to stop the video, but presses another button which makes a beep sound] Oh, I mean- [the video ends]