William Destroys Pumpkin With An Ax

William Destroys Pumpkin With An Ax

Plot Edit

The video begins with Dan and Lucy are outside carving their pumpkins and Violette has turned off the internet causing William not being able to play Xbox and being forced to carve his pumpkin. When William comes outside asking Violette why she turned off the internet because he was in the middle of a game and Violette replies saying she wants him to carve pumpkins, but William replies saying he will do it later, but Violette will take later as an option because of how Dan and Lucy have been waiting all day to carve pumpkins. William gets frustrated and goes back in the house with Violette, Lucy and Dan thinking he's getting ready to carve his pumpkin meaning William is going to do someone else other than Xbox for a change. After waiting for William, he finally comes outside but he brought an axe. William uses the axe to destroy the pumpkin which he slices in half and throws pieces of it at Violette, causing to Lucy laugh hysterically. Violette tells it's not funny for William to destroy his pumpkin and throw a piece of his pumpkin at her and not to encourage him for his actions. After William throws another pumpkin piece at Violette saying he doesn't want to carve his pumpkin, Violette gets mad and turns off the camera, ending the video.


  • This video was actually uploaded on the day of Halloween, October 31st, while the other episode KILLER CLOWNS KIDNAP MOTHER!!! was uploaded one day before the actual holiday.
  • This is the only time Dan has appeared in a raging series video.
  • This is the first raging series video that involves an axe.
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