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WILLIAM SHREDS ANDY'S SHIRT!!! (also known as Kid Shreds Cousin's Shirt!!!) is a video posted on the Violette1st YouTube channel on 21 July 2016 and is the 49th video in the William's raging series playlist.




William had decided that it's time to get Andy back for destroying his King Dominion snake by cutting his NFL Ravens T-shirt with a pair of scissors.


The video begins with William wanting to get Andy back for destroying William’s king dominion snake. So he gets scissors and cuts Andy's NFL Ravens t-shirt while he is asleep from a long day at work. William then writes "R.I.P Snake" on Andy's abs, and Andy wakes up to find his shirt ripped. Originally upset, he goes to get William's Xbox One and goes outside with it. William tries to get it back, but Andy says the Xbox is his now. Although originally upset about the loss of his shirt, Andy smiles, finally seeing the humor in the prank, and hands the remains of his shirt to William as the video ends.


Violette: (after being shocked at Andy taking William's Xbox One) "Uh, William? William. William!"

William: "What?"

Violette: "He just left with your Xbox. He left with your Xbox outside. I told you you went too far."

William: "It's just a shirt!"

Andy: "It's just an Xbox!"

Violette: "It's not gonna be funny if he drops your frickin' Xbox. Where's the Xbox at?"

Andy: "It's just an Xbox, right?"

William: "No."

Andy: "It was just a shirt, but it's just an Xbox?"

Violette: "Andy, he said he did it because you ripped up his snake. He said he did it because of the snake, Andy."

Things Destroyed[]

• Andy's Raven NFL sports jersey ($79.99)


• This ends the Andy-William revenge cycle for a bit.