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While Violette is recording the downstairs, William is upstairs playing Fortnite in his room. She says that all he's doing is raging when there are other things that he can do for the summer, and Bill agrees and says rather being up there running his mouth like that.

She then goes upstairs to check on him and secretly records him from outside of his room. She notices William complaining since the person he's playing Fortnite with isn't communicating with him and the team that he's facing is taking all of his loot. Violette tells him to calm down or do something else since it's summer. William then tells her that if she leaves, he will stop screaming.

Violette then pretends to leave and still records through the crack of his door. William is still raging on Fortnite thinking Violette isn't around. Violette then comes back and tells him again to calm down, but William then shoves her out of his room. Violette then says to him that she'll go downstairs and that she's fed up with his raging. However, Violette still records through the crack of his door. As William is still raging he says he's being shot at and says he needs help from his teammates, causing him to say "Help me ... BLEEP!"

Violette then rushes downstairs to tell Bill of what William was saying. Shocked that William said a swear word again, Bill deals with this by turning off the internet. While Bill is on his way to turn off the internet, William then yells again.

Once Bill turns off the internet, William loses it and yells the F word out loud. Violette then tells Bill that William just said the F word, which angers Bill even more. As William comes down the stairs and yells, "WHO UNPLUGGED THE INTERNET?" Violette then tells him to get into his room.

As they get into William's room, Bill told him what Violette claimed he said. Constant arguing is going on between the 3 until Violette breaks up the argument and tells Bill to go out in the hallway and William to stay in his room because they need to have a talk.

As she closes William's door, she then tells Bill that this is his fault since he swears a lot. Bill then says that it isn't his fault and it's her fault. Violette then says that Bill cusses all the time, but Bill says the opposite. Violette then yells the F word at Bill and finishes her sentence with "you always cuss!", and mockingly makes fun of Bill by saying the tacky words to remind him of how often he says bad words. Bill then reminds her that she just said the not so nice word.

William then says that he can hear them, and Violette then realizes that it is her fault, becomes very depressed, has a great amount of regret over what she did, and sobs hysterically. William and Bill are telling her that it's her fault. Violette is then apologizing deeply to William for how she raised him. The inappropriate word Violette said has caused the argument to escalate. But William then hugs her and says that he can forgive her this one time, and not to let it happen again.

William then turns to and points the finger at Bill and tells him to apologize since he also cusses, but Bill denies that. William then also blames Bill for turning the internet off. Another argument goes on between Bill and William, but Violette gets them to get along and Bill turns the internet back on if William doesn't cuss anymore. William then yells at Bill not to turn off the internet again and he threatens to keep the router in his room if Bill turns it off again.

Ashamed, depressed and sad. Violette goes downstairs and apologizes for what she did. Violette does not why she said the word, and regrets it. Violette does not know what to say, and signs off.

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