WILLIAM SAID BLEEP! is a YouTube video submitted by Violette1st. It is one of Violette1st's most viewed videos, having over 1 million views as of mid-2018.


The video starts with Violette wanting to spy on William for a vlog for the Violette2nd channel while he plays video games. During that, Willam rages and bangs his head on the dresser in his room causing him to say BLEEP! in pain. This causes Violette to flip out, realizing she caught William cussing, and goes downstairs to tell Bill about William saying his first cuss word and that they need to go upstairs. However, Bill wants to finish eating his bag of chips, which leads to Violette not allowing him to do so. Bill then decides to agree with Violette to go upstairs with her, and they both confront William.

As they enter his room, Bill asks William on what was he thinking for cussing, with Violette mentioning about it. William tells his parents to get out of his room, but they refuse, saying that this is their house. When Violette mentions they William is gonna become a hoodlum for cussing, William asks her what is a hoodlum; Violette replies "It's like a thug!" and is worried that William is going to join a gang someday for cussing. Violette also asks William where he learned how to say cuss words and William replies "What do you think? Look behind you". Bill disagrees with William, thinking that he isn't the one who taught him to cuss, which leads to an argument. William is starting to get angry for his parents not leaving his room, and yells at them to get out or he'll break something, but Violette tells him that breaking something is something he can do later since William's cussing is more important to deal with. After William screams at his Xbox console about being killed in his video games and Violette and Bill tell him not to cuss anymore, he holds out a hammer and threatens to break the camera. Violette once again tells William to stop cussing.

The video is then cut to where William off his Xbox in bed trying to sleep, and Violette worried about William, saying "My poor sweet baby" and that she didn't mean to be so hard on him. William gets upset and wants Violette to get out of his room and let him sleep, but Violette wants him again not to cuss every again. After a while of Violette telling William to not cuss again and William telling her to get out, William gets annoyed and starts to be defiant, saying "Blah blah blah I'm not listening to you blah blah blah I'm going to bed". He then says a long and angry "Frick off!!" after Violette tells him not to say cuss words again and doesn't want him to become a hoodlum. William, still confused about not knowing what a hoodlum is, asks his mom again; Violette tells him to Google it, but William says no. Violette wants William to be the good sweet son he was before and not cuss again, which triggers him to get to his breaking point, getting out of bed and shoving Violette out of his room so he can sleep again.



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