"Why do you gotta be such a jerk?!"

Andy and Bill to William after he burns the food.


The family tries to have a cookout for a belated Labor Day since Andy couldn't attend on Labor Day due to his crazy work hours. Andy will be grilling chicken, hot dogs and bananas. As Andy continues to grill the food outside, Violette and Andy tell Bill that Andy will be grilling the food with Bill telling Andy to hurry up because his stomach hurts and he hasn't eaten anything since he had McDonald's for lunch earlier and Violette tells him to be patient. As Andy and Violette go check on the food outside again and then Andy goes back inside to get the Bananas to grill, Bill continues to be impatient with Violette telling him to be patient but Bill refuses. Violette then go the the stairway and tries to get William to come down but he refuses because he is in the middle of an Xbox game play which makes Bill more impatient after William says he wants a half an hour of more Xbox gameplay. As Bill and Violette argues with William to come down, Bill constantly calls him a jerk and Violette tells him to be nice but Bill refuses and thinks he is a jerk and then calls Violette "Annie Oakley" because of what happened in MOM SHOOTS DAD IN THE BUTT!!! which angers Violette which she dislikes being called that. Violette then threatens to take away William's internet service which got William's attention to finally come down to the cookout. While outside Bill then takes William's hot dog because he was impatient and hungry. William thinks the other hot dogs aren't cooked well enough and then eventually loses it and then burns the rest of the food near the grill which caused Andy to kick the burnt food away because of the propane tank inside the grill which could explode if the fire got near the tank. Violette then tries to get everyone to be quiet because of the Psycho Neighbor might call the police on them. After the cookout was ruined Andy decided to give up his cookout. The video ends with Andy, Bill and William fighting inside the house, Bill cuddling with Elsie and Andy fighting William by force feeding him a chicken leg, calling him a moron and tells him shut up because he doesn't want to hear a word out of him after he ruined his cookout. Then Violette tries to get everyone to be quiet.  


Trivia Edit

  • Bill didn't call William a "DINGBAT" once throughout the video and only called William a "JERK" since those are what he calls William all the time instead of his own name.
  • This is the third time William burns food. First being DOMINO'S $7.99 DEAL GONE WRONG!!! and the second WILLIAM RUINS BURGER NIGHT!!!
  • Because of the neighbor, who was psychotic, threatened to call the police on them in KID TORCHES COUSIN'S LUGGAGE OVER VACATION DISPUTE!!!, this is the reason why Violette wants William, Andy, or Bill to keep their voices down and not to make any destructive scene.
  • Due to the events of "MOM SHOOTS DAD IN THE BUTT!!!" Bill has started calling Violette Annie Oakley. Annie Oakley was an American Sharpshooter and exhibition shooter.
  • It was technically Bill's fault for the cookout being ruined because of how impatient he was.
  • This video is somewhat similar to the McJuggerNuggets video “Psycho Family Halloween” because both the center characters could have inflicted harm by almost hurting/killing someone by blowing a propane tank up.
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