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Tonight's dinner was going to involve homemade burgers along with Veggie Burgers for Violette. While Bill cooked the burgers, Violette tried to get William downstairs, but he responded saying he will be down in a little bit because he's playing an online match on Xbox. Violette tells Bill that he won't come down, so Bill decided to call him downstairs telling him that he made burgers, but William responded saying he won't come down and eat. Bill threatened William saying if he doesn't come down, Bill will eat the burgers and William will eat nothing.

When she said they were gonna have dinner and mentions dessert, he ran down the stairs but he demanded to have dessert instead of food (dinner). Violette and Bill said that he has to eat food first before dessert. He was mad because he doesn't want burgers and they served onions, lettuce and tomatoes for the burgers (despite the fact William hates vegetables). Bill tries to explain that the lettuce, cheese, onions and tomatoes help add flavor to the burgers and makes them taste much better, but William doesn't care and doesn't listen to Bill.

He gets mad and ruins the food by smashing them with his fist (including ripping the buns) and makes a big mess in the kitchen causing Violette to scream and Bill demanding for William to stop. Violette and Bill get very angry at his bad behavior and Bill yells "What the frick, jerk?!? What am I gonna eat for dinner now?!".

Once William flips the table in the kitchen, Violette tells him that he will not get dessert. He goes to his room and grabs the plastic container and puts the ruined food in the container along with Bill telling him to clean up the mess but William goes outside to burn the food. After William sets the food on fire, Bill gets so furious and tells William he's not getting any dinner and William got his wish. Bill then tells William he will buy him dinner. Bill gets angry at William by saying, "You're gonna sit there and waste my money like that?!" but William refuses and Bill tells him he is going to bed without his dinner. William eventually puts the fire out by smothering it by knocking a table on it. He then goes back inside and tells his mother to leave him alone and he's going back to play on his Xbox again, but Violette snapped, "Yeah, you get no dessert!" and tried to block the doorway so he could clean up the mess as part of his punishment. After going back inside, William roars at his parents and says he doesn't want to be a part of Burger Night. Once William heads back to his room, Violette points out his underpants are showing but William replies "I DON'T GIVE A CRAP!!!" He then began to throw random stuff out of his room and down the stairs after Violette says "you're being very bratty tonight". Violette then said he will lose his phone data because of his very bad behaviour and tells him to enjoy the lack of phone data on his temporary phone because he burnt his other one in KID BURNS HIS OWN PHONE OVER A PRANK!?!?.

Violette then turns off Lucy's phone data in SISTER RUINS YOUTUBERS LIVE STREAM!!!

Things Destroyed[]

Victim Destructor Method Result
Burgers William Smashed, thrown in floor and burnt outside Unedible ($13.99 in Damage)

β€’ Hamburger Buns ($2.99 in Damage)

β€’ Lettuce ($1.99 in Damage)

β€’ Tomatoes ($2.98 in Damage)

β€’ Cheese Single Slices ($3.29 in Damage)


  • This is the third time William burns food. The first being DOMINO'S $7.99 DEAL GONE WRONG!!! and second being VIOLETTE'S GRAND MAC ATTACK!!!
  • This is the third time William throws objects down the stairs. The first being his homework assignments in WILLIAM FREAKS OUT AND BURNS A PILE OF HOMEWORK and the second a vacuum cleaner in BILL CHAINSAWS THE ROUTER!!!
  • This is one of the many times William is the villain. Also, this is the only time William is the villain when Bill is in his Daytona Beach t-shirt. All the other Billindaytona videos are where Bill is the villain.
  • This is arguably the funniest video from Violette1st.
  • This could be the reason why Bill doesn’t like sharing food with William.