Plot Edit

It is Bill's birthday and William bought Bill a cake. When he put the candles on it, Violette then noticed that a piece was missing. William said that one of the bakery workers at the store took a piece out. When William set up the candles on the cake he put them all together instead of spreading them out which ruined the cake even more because of the melted wax. Bill came in and noticed the cake was somewhat ruined when he saw the small piece out. So William sings happy birthday quickly but Violette told him to sing happy birthday slowly. William hurriedly sings the birthday song with Violette. Bill made a wish and blew out all the candles. However, Bill selfishly wanted the cake to himself because of his cake getting ruined by the melted wax form the candles and a piece taken out by giving William and Violette a small slice of cake and having the rest of the cake to himself. William gets annoyed and decided to grab a utensil and destroyed the cake. He even threw cake at Bill, ruining the cake and Bill's birthday then eats the remains of the destroyed cake like an animal. The video ends with Bill continuing to clean himself up after William covered him with cake stains and William leaving the kitchen to go back to his room and play Xbox and Bill having a screwed up birthday.

Trivia Edit

  • Bill is known for causing William to ruin his birthday after he selfishly tries to take the whole cake to Himself after William takes his piece and not Violette’s. This is known to be the reason why William is acting very selfish because of how he got it from him while having his food to himself.
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