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WILLIAM RUINS ANDY'S BURRITO NIGHT!!! (also known as Kid Ruins Cousin's Burrito Night!!!) is a video that was uploaded on the Violette1st YouTube channel on 9 July 2017.




Andy, who was wearing a shirt that said, "Puerto Rico," gets a burrito from Chipotle. Violette then says that Andy is going to eat it after work. Then William yells at Violette that he smells food and asks her what kind of food it is and Violette says Chipotle. William comes down the stairs and comes over to Andy and he wants a little piece of the burrito but Andy says no because those were his burritos.

William thinks Violette had betrayed him and didn’t get him one. Then Andy offers William some rice but William said no. Andy then farts, offending William. After Andy laughs about it, William felt like he was disrespecting him.

William then could smell the burritos in the bag, but Andy takes the bag away, William and Andy start fighting and wrestling each other for the burrito. Violette kept telling William to give Andy back his other burrito, but William poked a knife into the bag with the burrito in it. After some more fighting between the boys, William destroys the burrito on Andy, so he went to clean himself in the bathroom. While he was there, William grabbed a bottle of hot sauce and he put some in the burrito that Andy was eating. William called Andy that he is sorry for wrecking his burrito.

After Andy comes out, Violette said he looked depressed, and William told Andy to enjoy his burrito. Violette tells Andy to put the burrito that is left on the table in the trash. However, Andy ate the burrito with hot sauce in it, and he hated it, so he and William threw the burrito at each other, trashing the kitchen and making a big mess. When Andy was on his way back to the bathroom, he touches William's face, and William got hot sauce in his eyes.

William goes crazy and knocks the table before he grabs the milk and mentions that milk helps with spice. While William puts some of the milk in his eyes, Andy puts the table back up, and Violette looks at the mess that William and Andy made in the kitchen and told Andy and William that they should be ashamed of making the mess. Violette then asks William if she wants to take him to the hospital to get the hot sauce out of his eyes but William says no. William then went to the bathroom, and Violette tries to get him to come back so that William could clean the mess but failed. William later scooted back up the stairs to his room. Andy then calls William to clean up the mess since William made that mess and ruined his dinner. Andy then finishes cleaning up the mess and Violette signs off.

Things Destroyed[]

• Andy's Chipotle burrito ($7.50 in Damages)


  • At 1:59 after William goes outside over the fact Violette betrayed him, a moth can be seen flying in the background.
  • Some kids may think the fart sound is funny, but William hated the foul smell.
  • This is the second time someone puts hot sauce on their eyes. The first being, HOT SAUCE PRANK GONE HORRIBLY WRONG!!!.