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Violette has taken William's Xbox away from him because she is concerned on how William and Bill aren't getting along lately and wants them repair their relationships. William wonders why Violette has the camera on and Violette replies she is making video of the family pets they have. After going to the kitchen, Violette wanted William to hang out with her and Bill but William want to play Xbox and Bill says he always wants to play Xbox. William wanted to play Xbox because he thought he is leaving his parents alone and thinking Bill still hates him and doesn't want him downstairs while Violette still concerned and she wanted them to bond. William then finds out his Xbox was missing and wants to find where his mother put his Xbox. Violette said she had it put up somewhere until tomorrow or when William spends Family Time with his parents but refuses and wants his Xbox right now. William goes outside to look in the car but it wasn't in the car cause she didn't put it there. He runs back in the house to look and then locks the door so that Bill and Violette can't get back in. Unfortunately, Bill has his keys in the house and now they are stuck out here until William opens the door. When William gets on the roof, Bill gets a ladder for Violette and Violette gives the camera to Bill and talks to William about letting them inside but William won't until he gets his Xbox back. The video ends with William finding his Xbox in the white cabinet by the TV and with his Xbox and goes up to his room with it instead of actually spending family time making Violette and Bill upset and William not having a heart to care about his family.

Trivia Edit

  1. This is one of those episodes where Bill used to be nice until he becomes rude and mean and Calling William “jerk“ or “dingbat”.
  2. Violette actually shows herself, only getting on the ladder when she tries to reasoned with William.

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A YouTuber by the name of DRew LUther said to Violette about when she said to Tony Tornado's thumbnails are bad and then he says this video's thumbnail looked crap and it looks terrible but Tony asked Violette that does she realize that her thumbnails look like something that was created on a Windows 98 computer

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