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File:William gets his GTA5 disk burned by lucy


The video starts where Violette hearing her kids arguing in William’s room. Lucy is in William's room and she is constantly bothering him while he's playing Grand Theft Auto V on his Xbox and tells him that she saw him throw his Bill's stuff out the window as William wants him to leave the house in WILLIAM THROWS HIS FATHER OUT OF THE HOUSE and wants William to stop destroying stuff and being rude to the family. William gets annoyed by Lucy bothering him and wants Lucy to get out but she refuses due to William's rudeness. Lucy takes off William's headphones two times, and Violette then asks Lucy if she destroys stuff too and she replies say she destroys stuff because William destroys her stuff.

To make him stop playing, she takes William's GTA V disc, walks to the front, puts in on a chair, sets it on fire, and laughs at William. Violette tries to stop the fighting and the aftermath, Lucy lectures him about ruining other people’s stuff when she often destroys stuff too.

Things Destroyed[]

• William's Grand Theft Auto 5 (Xbox 360) Disk ($60.00)


  1. This is one of the videos where Lucy always barged in William’s room and messing with his stuff.
  2. Lucy is known to be a huge hypocrite in the video where Violette asks her if she does anything by breaking things.
  3. This is the only and currently video where Lucy destroys something by burning it.
  4. This video shows that she likes Bill the most out of all the family members.
    1. That means that Bill and Lucy might be bonding to torture William.
  5. Lucy had a cut on her leg.
  6. William tell’s Violette (His Own Mother) Violette to “Just Shut Up” At 4:49 when She ask him Did Lucy Break anything herself? Which the only mean thing William has done in this Video.