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WILLIAM DOESN'T WANT A HAIRCUT (RAGE) is a video uploaded on Violette1st on April 30th, 2017.


Violette begins the video by telling everyone to turn on notifications. She then tells the viewers about the comments from some of the fans, who have been requesting her to give William a haircut, which she had been wanting to do for a long time. Violette agrees with the fans that it is time for his haircut. She calls William, who was upstairs probably playing on his XBOX, downstairs, but he doesn't want to get his haircut. Violette keeps telling William to get his haircut, but he would say, "NO!" every time Violette tells him to get it. Violette threatens to take away William's phone data. She compromises with William that if he does, she, he and Andy will go out to eat later. William says that he accepts only if the dinner comes first. This puts him and Violette at an impasse, as they don't agree on the plans.

Then Violette tells Andy that William said he is not going to get his haircut unless dinner comes first. Andy tries to get William to go downstairs, but William still refuses to come down to get his haircut. Violette overhears the boys arguing about the haircut. During this argument, William says that Andy needs a haircut too.

A huge brawl ensues between Andy and William over William's Xbox controller, which Andy says he will not give back until William agrees to get his haircut. Violette overhears William screaming like a baby, so she comes upstairs to see what is going on. Andy, Violette, and William eventually go down the staircase, and even there, the fight continued. During this fight, Andy and William arrive at the living room. Andy subdues William on the couch and uses a pair of scissors to cut a chunk of William's hair off. Andy tells William and Violette that he cut his hair. William gets saddened, believing that now that Andy cut his hair, he can't go out in public anymore, so William and Andy's fight persisted. But William eventually agrees to go to the haircut place. To conclude the video, Violette shows a new-looking but dissatisfied William, with his new haircut, after their meal.


  1. This video had started with a message from Violette to turn on post notifications. This is the first video to have someone talk to the viewers before the intro, the next one would be William talking to the viewers in SON GIVES MOM FIDGET SPINNER FOR MOTHER'S DAY!!! (GONE WRONG).
  2. Andy could have nearly broken a bone during fights like the one in this video. These times include when William pushed him down the stairs in the video, William going into the car with Andy's hat and locking him out, forcing Andy to go on the sunroof, as well as when William and Andy fought after William burned his phone. But Violette's effort to stop these kinds of fights gets WASTED. This is why Violette is controversial - she was mentioned in's article "4 Controversial YouTube Parents Whose 'Abusive' Videos Are Causing Internet Chaos."
  3. This video is age-restricted on YouTube.
    1. This is most likely due to the fact that William and Andy kept fighting.
    2. It could also be the fact that Andy wrestled William down when he had scissors in his hand, which could've been considered fighting with a weapon.
  4. Nobody knows exactly how William's bedroom door was broken.
    1. This would be the second time that William's bedroom door gets broken. The first time being DAD CHAINSAWS KIDS DOOR DOWN!!!.