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William and Lucy are ARGUING over who should get the controller. Violette can hear the confrontation so she enters the room and asks them what the issue was. William tells her that Lucy won't give him the Xbox controller. Violette asks William why he can't use his XBOX One and that is he wants to use the 360. William tells Violette that his friends are waiting on the XBOX 360 for him. Violette does a compromise by saying that Lucy will use it for 30 minutes but Lucy would rather use it for 1 hour. Lucy disagrees with the deal from Violette and decides to run to the bathroom and drop William's controller into the toilet, making William feel "BLISTERING FURY". Violette tries not to laugh, then she and Lucy overhear William in the kitchen with her TV. They run to the kitchen only to see William smashing Lucy’s TV as REVENGE. Violette and Lucy get shocked at him.

Things Destroyed[]

• William's Xbox 360 Controller ($29.99 in damages)

• Lucy's Medium HDTV (~$450.00 in damages)


  • If you listen closely at 1:46, you can hear Lucy yelling at William saying “ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME?”
  • This is the 2nd time that William destroyed a TV.
  • As you can see closely William and Lucy are fighting in her bedroom, her PS4 can clearly be seen.
  • This is the first video that included footage of Lucy’s bedroom. Before she moved out and Violette turned it into a computer room.
  • Instead of Violette getting shocked at Lucy destroying William's controller and she gets shocked when William destroys Lucy’s TV.
  • This video shows footage of the bathroom.
  • This is the second time a TV was destroyed since WILLIAM GOES PSYCHO AND SHOOTS UP AND STABS TV OVER XBOX!!!
  • Violette can be heard chuckling at 1:20 if you heard closely.
  • The drowned Xbox controller can be seen again when Lucy throws it at William trying to stop him from destroying her TV.
  • This is the first time the Xbox 360/one controller gets destroyed.
  • This is the fifth video to be filmed in widescreen.
  • You can play with 360 players on Xbox One.
  • William's voice is deeper than it was in the earlier videos from this video forward due to him going through puberty.