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WILLIAM AND BILL RUIN PANCAKE NIGHT!!! (also known as Kid and Dad Ruin Pancake Night!!!) is a video on the Violette1st YouTube channel that was submitted on 16 July 2018.




Violette comes home one night from the store and says that she's got a surprise for Bill and William. She tries to find her key to open the door, but she realizes that she gave William the key earlier. She knocks on the door (which caused the dogs to bark in the process of knocking the door thinking that there is an intruder trying to get inside the house) and hears Bill in the living room. She asks Bill if he can open the door, but Bill calls William down since he's too lazy. William doesn't want to come down, but eventually he does come down and opens the door for Violette. William then almost said that he was BLEEP! at Bill, but then he says he was angry at him. Violette then tells them that she has a surprise for them. The surprise is pancake night. She has pancake mixture, Reese's peanut butter chips, chocolate syrup, sprinkles, whipped cream, cherries to help with weight loss, and lite syrup. She then plans on cooking them since William went upstairs to play Xbox and Bill didn't want to cook them.

Later that night, Violette finished making ALL 3 pancakes (one for herself, one for William, and one for Bill) and begins to put toppings on them. She then calls William and Bill to get their pancakes, but once Bill comes in first, he takes ALL 3 pancakes for himself. Violette is trying to tell him that there's one for each of them, but Bill tells her to make her own as ALL 3 of them are for him. When William come down to the kitchen and realizes Bill took ALL 3 pancakes, he gets ANGRY at Bill and tells Bill to give back the pancakes, but Bill refuses. Violette tells William that she'll make pancakes for both of her and William, but William realizes that there's no more toppings for their pancakes. Violette then says that she'll make a plain pancake for him, but William doesn't want that. He then goes back to Bill and tries to take his pancakes but Bill isn't letting go, saying that since William wrecked his truck, he's screwing him. Violette then tries to take them, but for some reason she lets go of the plate giving Bill the opportunity to take the plate. William then grabs the plate and starts eating some pancakes, but Bill takes it back to the kitchen with him. William then grabs the plate and puts a little bit on the other plate and says that's for Bill. After that William then throws the rest of the pancakes on the ground. Violette is shocked and sad while Bill is MAD complaining that William ruined his pancakes. While Bill is washing his hands, William puts whipped cream on him and throws pancakes on him too for his selfishness. Violette tells Bill that he is incredibly selfish which Bill thought those 3 pancakes were for him. Then Bill gets even more ANGRY when William puts whipped cream on him again which leads to him taking off his shirt and going to the bathroom. William then asks how does it feel for Bill, only for Bill to ask the same. William then says he's going to bed and Violette signs off all MAD AND STRESSED for the family night ruined.

Things destroyed[]

Victim Destructor Method Result
Three pancakes Bill and William Taken by Bill, while Bill is eating, William ate some of the pancakes and thrown into the floor by William Unedible ($2.69 in Damage)


  • This video marks Bill's third appearance in a 2018 video.
  • The proper video title should be "Bill Ruins Pancake Night" since he was very greedy and selfish in this video.
  • Violette should have called William to come in the kitchen first and then Violette takes the 2nd pancake and Bill will take the last pancake so that way the trio would have gotten 1 pancake each along with the fact that the video would have turned out differently and Violette would have signed off all happy and proud for the family night being positive rather than soiled.
  • At 11:28, William tried to write the f word on Bill’s shirt with the whip cream.