WILLIAM AND ANDY FIGHT FOR FRONT SEAT!!! (also known as Kid and Cousin Fight for the Front Seat!!!) is a video that was



Plot[edit | edit source]

Before going on their trip to Gettysburg, William and Andy fight over who should sit in the front seat of the car. Andy did call shotgun but William didn't hear him. William then pushes Andy out, pours water on him, beats him with a banana, and then tries to get in the front seat, but Andy pulls William's pants, causing him to fall out of the front seat. He then says he's not going because of Andy taking the front seat. He then tries to open the driver's door to push him out but Andy blocks him and the whole front seat. The aftermath shows that William decided to let Andy sit in front and he sits in the back, and William got $5.

Things Destroyed[edit | edit source]

• Water Bottle ($1.00 in Damage)

• Banana ($0.62 in Damage)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

• One of the few videos with a good ending.

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