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Violette feels bad for William after selling his shoes on Ebay in MOM AUCTION'S SON'S SHOES ON EBAY FOR A PENNY!!!. William displays a grouchy and stubborn attitude over this. She tries to get William to look at new shoes she bought for him, but he refuses. William thinks they're a different kind and attempts to destroy them by stomping on them and taping up the shoe box and kicking it like a soccer ball. After a while he gets a lighter fuel, candle lighter, paper towel and an air horn so Violette can't stop him from destroying the shoe. Once he takes the box outside and throws it around some more, the shoes eventually come out of the box. After realizing the shoes were sort of the ones, he wanted William calmed down and accepted the new shoes and Violette sees William sleeping with his new shoes on his feet.


  • This is the fifth video about William and his shoes.
  • William was screaming at the shoes for no apparent reason.
  • This video is very similar to the SpongeBob episode "Just One Bite" with William pretending to hate the shoes, but he actually likes and loves his new shoes since they are Oasis and orange like his room.
  • The shoes were made in New York City.


This video got mixed reviews. Some people found William's screaming hilarious, but others were annoyed about how William was stubborn, despite Violette taking her shoes.