William's power out Freakout is a video posted on violette1st and is the 50th video in the William's raging series playlist.

Plot Edit

The video starts with William refusing to get off the Xbox to go swimming. So Bill comes and turns off the power and made it look the wires went out, but William discovered his dad turned it off. So he turns it back on to play Xbox. Bill then turns it off again and this time, William screws the door down. Bill unscrews the door while Andy turns off the internet and then Bill turns it off.

Trivia Edit

  • At 0:53, William is heard saying "BLEEP!" in the background during his Xbox Rage.
  • William says SCREW YOU after he screwed the door shut.
  • Bill shut off the house power. Including the outside.
  • William went outside to see if there is a power outage, but there is nothing.
  • There was no power outage at all, just Bill turn off electricity.
  • Bill shut the power off thrice after William turned it back on.
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