The video starts with Violette looking through William's backpack since summer is coming to an end and school is starting back up again and planning on going School Supply Shopping with William. Violette tries to call William and William asks if it's food or ice cream, but Violette says maybe and to go school supply shopping. When William heard this, William responded saying "Ah No! That's not happening!" and said he is not going to school tomorrow which upsets Violette who told him he need to go to school. After that, William then says he will go with Violette to go School Supply Shopping by coming downstairs then William tricks Violette and goes back upstairs to his room, making Violette so upset and says she will get them herself and won't get William ice cream because of his bad behavior. The video was then cut to where Violette came home with from Wal-Mart with William's school supplies such as Graph Papers, Binders, Notebooks, a Plastic Container, Pencils etc. Violette also mentioned she got Happy Pencils with Emojis on it and when William heard Violette mention Ice Cream, he thought Violette bought him Ice Cream but Violette told William that she got ice cream but she got him happy pencils with ice cream emojis on it. When William begins to open the packaging of the Emoji Pencils and takes one out, he then break it in half and throws it across the room making Violette angry. After breaking the pencils in half and said that’s what I think about those Pencils, Violette responds if she wanted to get pencils with mean faces on them and trying to make William smile which then causes William to get up and hit Violette with the Happy Pencils. After William broke another pencil and looked at the rest of the school supplies Violette got him, William grabbed the supplies and put them in his backpack. Then William went outside to the driveway and tried putting lighter fuel on his backpack with the supplies inside his backpack but Violette and William get into a Tug-O-War with the backpack and school supplies as she tries stops him by taking away his backpack and the lighter fuel so he can't start another fire. Then William goes to the back yard and told Violette "You don't to get burned? I'd advise to stay back" and poured lighter fuel in his backpack and lit it on fire. Violette got so shocked after seeing William lighting his backpack and school supplies on fire and William yells at Violette saying he's not going to school tomorrow but Violette said he's going. Violette told William to stop being loud because there is a psycho neighbor and could call the police but William didn't care. Violette then told William to put the fire out and to be completely put out. Now William has nothing to go to school with which makes William proud.


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