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"WILLIAM'S BACK TO SCHOOL FREAK-OUT!!!" It is a video published on September 1, 2016 and it is the sixty fourth video in the rage series playlist.


The video starts off with Violette talking about how she looked forward going back to school during her high school years, even though she liked her summer, and that most, if not all people, look forward to going back to school. William is not happy about going back to school because he hates school. He says his teacher is an idiot and scrub for giving him homework on the first day. He says he does not want to do it because he hates doing homework and thinks homework on the first day is ridiculous.

After Violette tries many times to get William to do his homework assignment, William snatches the homework assignment from her and Violette thinks that he will do it but he responds saying he won't do it. He begins to torture his homework assignment, first by finding a BB Gun and shooting a hole in the assignment, then going to the bathroom and burning it by lighting it with a candle lighter, and throwing it in the toilet (which puts out the fire once thrown in) to flush it. Violette told him that he will start a fire and make the alarms go off. Violette grabs the destroyed homework assignment before it can be flushed down the toilet to avoid the toilet getting clogged. Then William heads up stairs and says he is going up to his room, and Violette makes him stay in his room for the whole night because he is punished.

Then she goes to print out another copy of the homework assignment that his teacher e-mailed to her.

Things Destroyed[]

β€’ William's Homework ($0.08 in Damage)


  • This is the first video to be released in September 2016.
  • It is also the prequel to WILLIAM'S BIG MAC ATTACK!!! since it was one week away.
  • William didn't have a choice but to do his Homework, since his Father and Andy destroyed his Xbox in the previous video (GREATEST XBOX ONE S DESTRUCTION EVER!!!) This shows how stubborn William is, even when he has nothing better to do.