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WILLIAM'S ULTIMATE BIRTHDAY FREAK-OUT AND REVENGE!!! is an episode in the William series, uploaded on September 11, 2016.


It's Andy's birthday, so Violette, Bill, and William celebrate with him. William has decided to forgive Andy for the Xbox destruction event a week ago (at least Violette thinks that is true).

After lighting the candles and singing "Happy Birthday" to Andy with Bill and Violette, William ruthlessly sprays water from the sink onto the candles, smashes the cake with his hand, and throws it at Andy as revenge for destroying his Xbox with Bill in GREATEST XBOX ONE S DESTRUCTION EVER!!!. Violette realized that William deceived everyone when he forgave Andy for the Xbox destruction event a week ago. Bill is entertained by this thinking it's funny to watch William ruin Andy's Birthday, but Violette is shocked and tells Bill he's instigating this.

Violette also thought William wanted to give Andy a good birthday when in reality he didn't want to. While Andy is in the bathroom, Violette then asked William why he didn't want him to have a nice birthday and William replies "Why would I? He destroyed my Xbox!" William then puts Andy's shirt in the sink with the water running. He then puts ketchup on his shirt shocking Andy, and William then covers Andy with more cake and gives him a wedgie, which shocked Violette even more, and Bill laughs even harder. After it's all over, Violette realizes it wasn't a good birthday for Andy after all.

Things Destroyed[]

β€’ Birthday Cake ($3.58 in Damage)


  • Despite Bill and Andy teaming up to destroy William's Xbox in GREATEST XBOX ONE S DESTRUCTION EVER!!!, that William got revenge on Andy for, Bill laughs at Andy while William covers him in cake.
  • This is one of the rare times when Bill doesn't call William a jerk or a dingbat at all.
  • This is the third time Bill And William Become friends, the second being, DAD CHAINSAWS KIDS DOOR DOWN!!!, and the first being, William Sacrifices His Christmas Money To Pay For The Window He Broke.
  • Violette tells Bill that he loves evil. This is probably the reason why William is acting very evil because he likely inherits from his dad.
  • William might have been reminded of the XBOX destruction right before he sprayed water onto the candles.
  • From 3:32 to 3:40, most of the side of William's buttocks were exposed.

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