Andy and William is down the stairs and Andy is playing with a rubiks cube Andy got one side done then William and Andy talks about ice cream then William trys the rubiks cube for 5 minutes then William and Andy starts fighting they go down the stairs then William and Andy goes outside William starting beating the the rubiks cube then William burns the rubiks cube then William locks Violette and Andy out of the house Andy goes in the house and William goes outside Andy locks William and Violette outside then Andy lets Violette in the house and William is still locked out and Andy lies and Violette unlocks the door then Andy and William fight in the end.


  • If it weren't for the psychotic neighbor that was ever heard from or mentioned in KID TORCHES COUSIN'S LUGGAGE OVER VACATION DISPUTE!!!, WILLIAM RUINS COOKOUT!!!, and WILLIAM'S BACK TO SCHOOL MELTDOWN!!!, then the raging series that sometimes took place outside would have been going back to normal.
  • This video is a reupload because there was a YouTube bug that it only played for 9 seconds.
  • Andy farts in this video.
    • this is the second, and so far, only video that someone farts in the series.
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