WILLIAM'S MALL CLOTHES SHOPPING FREAK-OUT!!! is a video uploaded to the Violette1st channel on March 3, 2017.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The video begins with William and Violette in the car at the Mall Parking Lot with Violette telling him he needs new clothes. William said he doesn't want to have new clothes because he thinks he has clothes already (Which they are old and he wears the same stuff almost all the time) and only came to eat out. Violette then says she will buy clothes for him which William replies saying he will not wear them. They finally get out of the car to the mall but William spends the whole time at the mall arguing with Violette. He also refuses to try on a single piece of clothing or let his mom buy him anything from the store like a book.

Eventually, they leave the mall with Violette being disappointed over the ruined mall night. As the two leave the mall, the audio gets lost. William gets impatient waiting for Violette to unlock the car doors by rudely throwing the keys on the ground. Eventually, Violette unlocks and opens the doors and they get in. Once they take their seats, the video goes into hyper lapse with William and Violette having their usual bickering. Even if the audio wasn't there, it was something to do with William's refusal to get new clothes (because the viewers were concerned that he wears the same stuff in almost every video). The arguing continues when William gets aggressive and hits Violette with paper and his Baltimore Ravens Jacket (he took it off because he was complaining it was hot in the car due to his sensory processing issues).

William eventually decides to leave the truck because he wanted to get away from Violette for a few moments and went for a pace around the parking lot. She locks William out of the car and he ends up going in the trunk. This gets him stuck and his mom has to free him. It takes perseverance, trial and error but William eventually gets loose and back in his place. Already worn out, even if they only spent an hour arguing and having William stuck in the truck without making a single purchase, the video ends with William wanting to go home and Violette, as per usual, caves in and signs off very disappointed.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There is a bug in the video where the audio cuts out halfway through. They couldn't find a solution to the problem nor could they retrieve the audio, so they added captions to tell what was going on.
  • It is not known if anything was purchased by them from the mall that day.
  • The mall that they went to (and go to) is the Francis Scott key Mall.
  • This video was also uploaded the day that the Nintendo Switch console was also released.
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