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Violette1st Monster Paper Shredder Unboxing (YOU GOT TO CHECK THIS OUT!!!!)


Violette buys a new paper shredder since her old one keeps getting jammed. This shredder is unique as it can shred up to 15 papers in one shot. They test it out on many things like junk mail, DVDs and even a expired credit card. Andy got to see the shredding happening and he shouted, "YO WHAT THE f**k! in excitement.


  • This paper shredder would be used in a raging video like in DAD SHREDS SONS GTA 5 DISK!!! (For not William Having a Family Time). It is also used in FAKE LOTTERY TICKET PRANK ON WILLIAM!!! when Andy shreds a fake scratch card.
  • It’s unknown how there are Jack-O-Lanterns on the text saying, “Oops! Language, Andy!” It could be Violette doing a mistake while she edited to make it like a Valentines Day, but she couldn’t find any Valentines Day text, so she got Halloween Text.