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VIOLETTE THROWS DISHES AT WILLIAM AND ANDY!!! (also known as Mom Throws Dishes at Kid and Cousin!!!) is a video on the Violette1st YouTube channel. It was recently uploaded on 3 September 2017.




William and Andy are fighting, making Violette mad. At the beginning of the video, Andy kicks William and then the boys start fighting over their phones, wasting Violette’s time to do family night. Bill and Violette argue and he calls her “Annie Oakley” because she shot him in the butt a week ago and it’s also because Bill was being extremely rude to William by pouring water on him, which causes her to reprimand Bill and refuses to believe she is Annie Oakley in a annoyed way. She promised to never shoot her husband again which Bill says if she still shoots him, he’ll still going to name-call her. The fight from Andy and William continued. Andy pinches William, the boys pull each other's hair, and Bill keeps saying "Stop, jerks".

Violette gets fed up and starts to take drastic action by making her son and nephew to do chores which turn out to be a disaster. When Andy refuses to put the dishes in the dishwasher, Violette gets really mad at Bill for not doing anything. Andy yells, "give me my phone!" After Andy and William don’t resist and keep fighting each other, Violette goes to her breaking point and throws the dishes at William and Andy before angrily yelling at them to stop. After the fight is over, Bill keeps calling her Annie Oakley which causes Violette to scream at him and she becomes even more insulted and angry after Bill keeps calling her Annie Oakley, so she repeatedly reprimanded and repeatedly refused to believe she is Annie Oakley. Then, he keeps bringing up the fact that he got shot by his wife. Violette tells him to let it go, but Bill keeps calling her woman, Much to Violette’s anger. Bill and Violette argue again. The video ends when William yells at Bill to help out the dishes which Bill yells back by calling William a “jerk”. Violette had enough stress and calls the night ridiculous. This video was uploaded on Saturday September 2, 2017.


“You Gonna Shoot me in the butt, Annie Oakley?” - Bill

“you know what, Stop calling me that, I'm not Annie Oakley”! - Violette

“but look what you did to me, you shot me in the butt”! - Bill

“ Oh my gosh. Let it go”. - Violette

“Fricking Woman”! - Bill

“Let it go. Stop calling fricking Woman, Let it go“? - Violette

”You shut up”! - Bill

“Don’t push me”! - Violette

"Don't push me"! - Bill "I've had it with you"! - Violette

Things Destroyed[]

• Plate ($4.95 in Damage)


  • When Bill was calling Violette Annie Oakley, he was referring to an American girl from Willowdell, Ohio famous for her shooting skills.
  • This is a second time where Violette gets mad after her night of her family has turn into a chaotic night. The first was “MOM GOES PSYCHO AND THROWS CLOTHES OFF THE ROOF”. Except she got mad over a simple fan mail video and throws clothes off the roof in her bedroom.
  • This is one of the videos where Bill and Violette constantly argue. Mostly because Bill keeps calling his wife, “Woman” on a constant basis. People might have speculate of Violette to give Bill another divorce threat.
  • the word BLEEP! makes a fourth comeback in the video.
  • This is the only known time Bill calls Violette a "dingbat".
  • This video is the most chaotic with Violette throwing dishes at her son and nephew.
  • Rotten Rebecca is mentioned when William takes Andy's phone while fighting on the couch.
  • At 6:52, Andy said the "Sh" word
  • William moons the camera multiple times in this video. Bill even says " Yes I'm tired of getting mooned." after Violette pointed it out.
    • This is the fourth time William's buttocks were showing. The first was "WILLIAM REFUSES TO SEE THE "SPECIAL" DOCTOR!!!" and the second was "WILLIAM AND ANDY FREAK OUT ON EACH OTHER IN DISGUSTING POOL!!!" And the third was “KID BURNS PHONE OVER A PRANK!!!”
    • This is the second time William and Andy get into a really big fight inside the house. The first being, ANDY BEATS UP WILLIAM!!!.