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The video starts with Violette and William having an argument for an unknown reason in the prologue (something to do with compromise).

After the prologue, Violette and William are in the car going to McDonald's, with Violette mentioning to the viewers that she was feeling bad for what happened in WILLIAM'S DORITOS AND MOUNTAIN DEW FREAK-OUT!!!. In addition, she explains that she and William had another really big fight regarding compromise because she wants William to learn to not have things his way every once in a while. The reason they were going to McDonalds is because of a compromise that the two reached. William had told her that he was going to get a new version of the Big Mac, and Violette figured it was the Mac Jr., a smaller version of the Big Mac. In addition, he said he would get a salad and no Coke.

They arrive at McDonald's, where William does not want to go through the drive through worried they will run into a lady that Bill got into a fight with one time (luckily there is no video posted on that due to the embarrassment that William felt from it). After Violette parks the car, gives William her credit card and reminds him what he's supposed to order, William enters. Eventually, he comes out with his food. Violette notices a cup in his hand, and when he opens the cup, it appears to only contain water. They arrive home and William suspiciously insists on going to his bedroom to eat it, refusing to show his food to Violette.

He then sits down and opens his food, and to Violette's surprise, he got French fries instead of a salad. However, William considers it a salad because he considers potatoes vegetables. Violette then goes to take a sip of his "water," only to realise it is actually Sprite! However, William protests by stating that it is, in fact, not Coke. William takes out his "other Big Mac" and it turns out he actually got a Grand Mac, an even bigger version of the Big Mac. She then says she thought they had Mac Jr. William says they have a Grand Mac, Big Mac and Mac Jr. and he said that it is "the other Big Mac" while Violette says "You tricked me!"

After William took his first bite of the burger, a disgusted Violette decides to compromise by offering to heat up his food and pick the onions off of his Grand Mac, but she tricks him by taking the food and dumping it on the ground outside. William gets angry and wants to know why Violette threw the food. William goes back into the house and brings out his drink. Violette tells him to give her the drink, which William does, but only for Violette to throw it on the ground. William beats Violette with the straw and freaks out asking what she did that for. But Violette also wants to know why he fibbed to her, reminded him about the promise, and asked William about how he kept putting her on technicalities to avoid telling the truth when she knew that the Grand Mac, fries, and Sprite were not part of the deal and have nothing to do with the "other" Big Mac, salad, and water. William has had enough and then sets the food on fire. William calms down and claims he's fine because he's not the one who has to clean the mess up, but Violette refuses to clean it up, ending the video.

At least William got a compromise of his way some sort, he didn't get the big macs but he got to burn items.


Things Destroyed[]

• Grand Mac ($5.39 in Damages) • Sprite ($1.00 in Damage) • Medium Fries ($1.79 in Damage)


Violette: (Fast talk) “WHAT DID YOU DO THIS FOR?!?!?!?!?!?!”

William: “WHAT DID YOU DO THIS FOR?!?!?!?!?!”

Violette: (Fast talk) “BECAUSE YOU TRICKED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!”



This video received mixed reviews from fans. Some liked how deceptive William was being, and that he outsmarted Violette, but people panned this video for the food burning and the fact that Violette was talking jibberish, making it really hard to understand what she was saying.