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Hey everyone. So for those who don't know, we have a fanon wiki. Now most people know that the fanon wiki has been invaded by cringy fanfics and OCs. We've done everything we can to get this resolved, but there hasn't been any change. That's why I will announce that we will officially break all ties to the fanon wiki.

Now, that doesn't mean we're gonna delete the wiki. It'll still be there. It's just we'll stop advertising it and leave it be. However, just because we're not gonna deal with it doesn't mean you cause mayhem there. We have admins like Neko who will work to protect the wiki.

Also, we will have a rule banning Dr. Phil, braces, sleeping with others, singing songs, guessing which unrealistic ideas would air, meeting other Youtubers, and more. The reason is because at this point, users (especially the A FANDOM user people) are spamming the comments with them and it is in general annoying. Any users who post these ideas will be warned or blocked depending on the severity.

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