So today I will addres the biggest problem of Violette1st and that is,as you know,their schedule.

Now the Violette1st schedule is a MESS and here is why:

1.Violette (a.k.a Kerry) keeps changing the schedule without announcing it,and she rarley uploads,which is bad because Violette1st is one of those small channels unlike Jacksepticeye,PewDiePie or DanTDM.Let's say for an example,you see a Violette1st video and subscribe wanting more,so you wait,and wait...Untill you say "Ok,the channel's dead,I'm unsubscribing"

2.The videos aren't uploaded often and Violette doesn't say when or if they will be uploaded.

3.As you saw in the second reason,Violette doesn't say when they are uploaded.

But the reason for this is that they are dealing with real-life issues,like when Violette said in the surf 'n' turn challenge video that they lost 2 aunts (One of them being Aunt Lee)so i think that's why Violette1st has this big issue.

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