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This was a planned Violette2nd video that was supposed to be live-streamed on either December 10th, 11th or 12th of 2017 which probably featured William, Violette, Andy, Bill, Lucy and Aunt Lee making Christmas cookies to share together, but this never occurred, as the video was cancelled. The reason why Violette scrapped the video was because on December 3rd 2017, Aunt Lee passed away unexpectedly of old age at 59 years old. It is unknown if the video will be released soon when Violette1st returns back to Youtube.


  • If this video was released in 2017 for Christmas as a livestream, it would have been the forty-fourth time that Violette had showed her face, as she would most likely put down the camera and help the other 5 family members help bake the cookies.
  • This was confirmed as an unreleased video on December 5th 2017 during UPDATES, NEWS AND MORE!!!. Violette mentioned the video, but it was not released due to Aunt Lee's passing.
  • Out of all 3 channels, Violette mentioned Violette2nd while talking about the video where the family would make Christmas cookies in UPDATES, NEWS AND MORE!!!, suggesting the video's intended debut. That would have only been if the video had not been scrapped, then it would have been featured on the channel.
  • As of June 2021, this is the only yet-unused video that has not appeared during any other Christmas season (2018, 2019 or 2020) yet. When Violette1st, Violette2nd and Raginggaming return back to Youtube, the channel Violette2nd might upload it. But now, it's not released.




Proof of the unseen video