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The video begins with Bill showing Violette William’s new shoes from Walmart for $14. He and Andy thought they were nice, but Violette says William won’t like them. Bill then calls William down and says he got him some shoes. When William sees the shoes, he says they’re ugly and that they're dollar store old man shoes. This leads to an argument between the family after William complains that they are not the same as his old Osiris shoes. William starts slamming them to the floor a few times and then beats Andy up with them.

William then jabs Andy with the shoes, which caused one of the dogs to bark in the background. William yells at Andy about if he thinks this is funny as a prank, but Andy laughs at him, and William continues to beat up Andy with the new shoes. Andy says that he picked the new shoes for William as revenge for burning his polar bear paws in KID TORCHES COUSIN'S LUGGAGE OVER VACATION DISPUTE!!!. After some more arguing over the shoes, Andy and Bill suggest that William should try them on but William refuses. William wondered why his dad didn't buy him Osiris shoes like he wanted, and Bill tells him he wouldn't spend $80 on shoes and calls William crazy. William then goes outside and burns the shoes. Andy tells Bill he burned the shoes, making Bill really angry. Andy also tells William that he's insane. William yells at Bill saying he doesn't want Bill buying him Walmart discount shoes again, and Bill replies saying he's never buying William anything ever again because of his ungratefulness and bad behavior for wasting his money. Andy tells William that he will get him a new pair of shoes tomorrow, and then tells William to not burn his polar bear paws next time. William then starts beating up the flames with a car mat as Andy puts out the fire with a cup of water. Once back in the house, Andy then used one of his broken shoes as a talking shoe to tease him and spanked William with it, agitating him. The video ends with a furious William angrily storms upstairs and says he won’t talk to his family for a week.

Things Destroyed[]

• Velcro shoes ($13.97 in Damages)