Plot[edit source]

It is Easter and Violette wants to surprise the family with candy, Violette want William to get a suitcase out of her truck first but William wants them now and want it all. During that William have to go to bathroom for 30 minutes because he didn't poop for 2 days. William want candy now. So He and Bill have a tug of war over the candy and it falls all over the floor. Bill then stomps on the candy and ruins it all. Violette then feels bad because she was looking forward to this for family time. William then said that Bill crushed the candy when Violette said that she didn’t touch them. Violette then wants Bill and William to put the candy away and then William throws some pieces of candy at Bill and William said that he needs to kick Bill out of the house. Violette then said that Bill and are doing things that are childish and they are too old for them and Bill said that William started the crap. She said that everybody was so nice during the vacation and then this happended and she says it is not fair. William then said he will crush the candy but then walks over to Bill when he puts a piece of candy in his mouth and William tells him to get it out of his mouth but Bill refuses to so they fight again the same time on their way to the kitchen. William then says to Violette of what Bill did to the Reese’s peanut butter cup. Violette then tells William not eat it since it is crushed but William eats it anyway. William then goes upstairs and Violette signs off.

Triva[edit source]

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