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SON GLUES DADS BUTT TO TOILET SEAT!!! (Prank) (also known as William Glues Bill to the Toilet Seat!!!) is a prank/raging video uploaded onto the Violette1st channel on February 12, 2017.


The family is heading home from a buffet where Andy, William, and Bill overate and need to use the bathroom when they get home. They start an altercation over who should get to go to the bathroom first (since the house only has one bathroom), because neither of them can agree on who gets to go first. William complains (on two different occasions) that Bill ate excessive amounts of dessert, with Bill's excuse being that he likes dessert. Bill thinks he should be first, because he's the one driving. Andy wants to go first because he claims he's having diarrhea from the mashed potatoes he ate at the buffet. William wants to go first, presumably because he eventually needs to use the bathroom and (like usual) thinks he should get his way before everyone else.

Bill tells Andy that he will pull over and let him go in the woods, but Andy refuses because he doesn't want to risk wiping himself with poison ivy and getting a rash. The argument causes William to start coughing again. As the boys continue their shouting match over who uses the bathroom first (along with William and Andy slapping each other twice on the way home), Violette complains that the boys eat like pigs and say they will no longer eat at buffets because she can't stand their excessive eating habits and their arguments over who uses the bathroom first. Bill tells Violette that he eats so much food at the buffet, because he is trying to save money.

Violette then attempts to offer a compromise like picking a number, but Bill refuses to participate, due to him demanding to go first, because of how stubborn and childish he is. Violette tells Bill, Andy, and William to pick a number between 0 and 50. However, Andy keeps stating that his number is "between 0 and 50", thinking that makes him the winner and he gets to go first. She eventually picks her number (33), and William agrees to the plan, picking 25. However, the other 2 refuse to pick numbers and continue to argue, making Violette declare William the victor by default.

When they get home, William runs inside the house first and locks the family out to get to the bathroom first. Once the rest of family unlock the door and get inside the house, Bill rushes to the bathroom to tell William to get out of the bathroom, but Violette tells him to wait his turn and let William finish, but Bill wouldn't be patient because he thinks he will soil himself saying "I'm telling you I'm gonna s**t my pants!" if William takes too long in the bathroom and Andy impatiently replies "Would you think I'm not?!".

Violette told Andy and Bill to wait for their turns but they refuse and still continue to wait impatiently. After Andy and Bill tells William to get out of the bathroom, William then exits the bathroom, but unknowingly to the other characters that he super-glued the seat. Bill selfishly entered the bathroom to go, after William showed the viewers the superglue, Andy, William, and Violette remained silent and went over to the bathroom door to discover that Bill had fallen victim to the glue. After Andy saying that he needs to go to the bathroom and Bill saying he needs to finish, Bill then discovered that he couldn't get up off the toilet seat saying "What the hell I can't even wipe my ass!" knowing the fact he got super-glued to the seat.

William showed his dad the superglue which made Bill so mad that William pranked him. They search for a way to get him off, which William suggested they cut off the toilet seat which angers Bill by telling him to shut up and calling him a dingbat. Bill couldn't understand what William was thinking when he glued him to the seat.

Violette told Andy or William to ask Google how to get Bill off the seat, and they found that soap with hot glue can do the job. However, Andy refuses, claiming his phone doesn't function. The video ends with Andy laughing helplessly at Bill, and with Violette telling Bill they'd go to the store to get soap. William tries to control his laughter due to his bad cough. He also reminds Andy that he will have to go in the woods, resulting in the two of them laughing about it.


  • This video has more swears than any other raging video, with at least 5 uses of curse words, and Bill saying "How the hell am I gonna wipe my ass?" several times. One Example: If you listen closely at 4:24 you can hear Bill yelling "You're gonna make me have a f**king accident jerks." It's not easy to hear because Violette talk at the same time telling William and Andy to stop fighting. Either that or it was censored out.
  • This is often considered to be the funniest prank episode, due to the fact that at 10:02, Bill yells "WHAT THE HELL I CAN'T EVEN WIPE MY ASS!".
  • This is the first video featuring a scenario where Bill and William are in the car, arguing over who's using the bathroom first after a massive meal at a buffet. The second being BILL HAS FALLEN AND HE CANT GET UP!!!.
    • The only difference here is Andy is also in the altercation with them.
  • This is the second video where Bill has to wait to use the bathroom when he urgently needs to go. The first one being KID SLIPS LAXATIVES IN DAD'S AND COUSIN'S MCFLURRY'S.
    • This is also the second time that Andy had to wait when he really needed to go.
  • It is possible that despite needing to use the bathroom eventually, William decided to pull the prank on Bill just as payback for his refusal to allow him to use the bathroom first.
  • There is a possibility that Andy's claim where the mashed potatoes give him diarrhea is just the main part of his attempt to force Bill and William to allow him to use the bathroom first (unsuccessful of course)
  • At 10:23, you can barely hear Andy say the F word.
  • Bill calls every character in this video "jerk" at some point, not just William.
  • It is unknown whether or not Andy actually ended up having to go out in the woods after the video ended.