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Violette wakes up one night hearing a sound coming from downstairs. She tries to wake up Bill to see if he can do something, but Bill is fast asleep and can't hear her. Violette then goes to William's room to see if he can do something.

Once Violette manages to wake up William, he says he has an idea. His idea is to have a gun on him to shoot the burglar if he attacks. Violette doesn't want him to do that, so William then grabs a bat instead.

When they go downstairs, they notice marshmallows with faces on them on the ground. As William goes into the kitchen ready to knock out the intruder, it turns out the "intruder" is just Andy. William and Andy then greet each other since they haven't seen each other in a while. Andy then shows William and Violette his little marshmallow friends.

Violette likes them, but William doesn't since they were his marshmallows, and he took them upstairs with him while he was sleeping. Andy just keeps on stating that the marshmallows are his friends and that "they called to me." William then tries to destroy the marshmallows with the bat, but Andy grabs the bat and throws it to the ground.

William grabs the plate of marshmallows, puts it in the microwave, and microwaves it. Andy tries to get his marshmallows out by tackling William, but William tackles him to the ground, causing a fight between the two. Once the marshmallows are all puffed up, William takes the plate out. He and Andy then throw marshmallows at each other. William starts eating the marshmallows and Andy realizes they should be eating them. They get along after eating and sharing some marshmallows. William then puts his hand in the microwaved marshmallows, causing them to get mixed up and Violette signs off.


  • This is the first video in 2018 that Andy appeared.
  • This marks the return of Andy after his last appearance in the video,"Violette1st Fan Mail #69 (#34 of 2017) and WILLIAM'S RUBIKS CUBE MELTDOWN!!! in the rage series.
  • This video is most likely a joke video that was staged due to everyone's exaggerated attitude.
  • The meet-up between William and Andy at 3:48 is a reference to the meet-up between CJ and BIG Smoke in GTA: San Andreas. The meet-up can be viewed here.
  • It is possible that Andy was going insane in the video the way he was talking about his "friends".
  • William's left eyebrow can be seen at 2:22.
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