SISTER STEALS LITTLE BROTHER'S LIVE STREAM!!! (Original)(You must see this!!)

Plot[edit | edit source]

The video begins with Violette wanting to vlog the family and what they got on Black Friday by showing the gifts that she got for Zachary. William is feeling relatively sick, but he is still happy to be in the vlog. However, when William tries to opens up a fanmail video on behalf of Violette's request, he discovers that there is a live stream on RagingGaming, even though he didn't put it on.

When he discovers who made the stream on his channel (which is Lucy), he goes upstairs to confront her. Lucy claims that William gave her the channel, but he doesn't believe her. Because of this, he and Lucy fight, and William keeps telling her to get out with Violette telling the two to stop fighting. She grabs his headphones, causing William to drag her off of his bed. Lucy eventually goes back to his bed, but William pulls her hair, and Lucy goes to the kitchen to throw the headphones away in the garbage. Violette takes the headphones from the garbage and doesn't want to tell him about it.

William is out of breath and tired of fighting with Lucy. Violette yells at Lucy and spanks her, even though Lucy is an adult. At the end of the video, Violette apologizes for Lucy’s behavior at the camera when Lucy yells that it’s her ”channel” and flips her mom off which makes Violette upset and still yelling and overreacting and signs off.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The video reveals that William has the new Xbox One X as a Easter egg.
  • This is the second time that William has a cold this year.
  • While William and Lucy are fighting, she yells D**K (at 3:29).
  • This is the second time Lucy ruined William's live stream.
    • The only difference is the fact that she made the stream and William found out about it in this video, but it was the other way around in the older video.
  • This is one of those videos where Lucy still causes trouble for her brother while her mother is present.
  • Zachary is not in this video.
    • He was probably hanging out with his aunt, Kelsey, or spending time with Bill or Andy.
  • This is the second time that Lucy gets up on the roof.
  • This is one of those videos where Violette posts a holiday blog which turns into a disaster.
  • Lucy’s hair is brown in this video where in some videos, her hair is either blonde, pink or blue.
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