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SISTER RUINS YOUTUBERS LIVE STREAM!!! (also known as Lucy Ruins YouTubers Live Stream!!! or Lucy Ruins William's YouTube Live Stream!!!) is a video that was published on July 24, 2017 on the Violette2nd YouTube channel.




So while William live streams with fans in Grand Theft Auto V Live Stream With Fans! (Xbox One), Lucy disrupts William's stream.

The video begins with Lucy throwing various objects at William, and he tells her to get out and get off, while Violette tells her to stop throwing the things. However, that does not stop William from fighting with Lucy. She then hits William with his mouse numerous times, making him tell her to get out a few more times, and again, Violette tells Lucy to stop.

Lucy tries to lock William out of his own room, but William gets back in. That is when Lucy throws Uno cards at William and taps the back of William’s keyboard. While William is doing the latter, William is confused as to what he is doing and asks her, "Would you get off my be- What are you doing, that does not help anything? What are you do- What are you even doing?" Lucy responds with, "I'm talking to people," to which William replies, "Get off." Lucy hits William with the keyboard box, making him very angry.

Lucy locks William out of her own room again until she rams his door. William picks up the cardboard box that originally had his keyboard inside and throws it at Lucy. That provoked her to fight William back, and the two once again fight over the cardboard box.

Lucy tries getting William to go out of his own room and bust a hole on his door. Once he does it, Violette tells William that it was not good, and he loses his temper, gets EXTREMELY LOUD, and yells, "Look what you made me do! You made me break my DOOOOOOOOOOOOOR!"

Lucy comes inside, and puts the duct tape from the door on William’s head, causing him to have an awkward hairdo (like Mr. Noodles from Sesame Street). William takes the tape off his head. Lucy takes William’s phone, and after the two fight on the roof (hitting, slapping, kicking, screaming, hair pulling, pushing and shoving), Lucy gets back into the house and locks William out of the house.

Now, William, who is on the roof EXTREMELY angry, screams for help to get in. His socks were wet, so he took them off. Lucy keeps playing her game until he dies, and somehow, Lucy manages to get back in. She messes with William's webcam, and he yells, "Get off the webcam!" William then throws his sock at his sister, causing her to prevent him from putting the socks on her. William tells Lucy to get off.

Violette, and especially William, become fed up with Lucy. Violette decides to turn off her phone data for a week. William says Jack and Blaster (two people on GTAV) are calling Lucy stupid, to which Lucy responded, "Screw Jack," and "Screw Blaster." William and Lucy fight over his headphones, and then he throws a ruler at her. William yells, "STAY OUT OF MY ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!"

Violette and Lucy go downstairs, with Lucy outraged, causing him to turn William’s live stream off instead, much to Violette's horror. Violette comes upstairs, and as soon as he gets to her room, William tells Violette to get out because of what's been going on between her and Lucy over the last several minutes. Violette tells William, who is very ANNOYED now, that everyone is calling her stupid.

The video cuts to when Lucy turns William's stream off again with Violette shocked. Lucy comes back to William 's room, and he asks her, "Now, you say you're sorry?!?" Lucy does say sorry, but it was not very sincere. A suspicious and remarkably angry William asks Lucy, "Are you only saying sorry because you want your phone on?" However, she only answers by egging William, which only made him even more FURIOUS and LIVID than he already was.

William, who COMPLETELY LOST HIS TEMPER AND MUST HAVE BEEN THE ANGRIEST BOY EVER, angrily roars, "Smashing egg on my head... are you serious?!? IT'S ALL OVER MY BEEEEEEED!" Violette tells Lucy that it was rude to smash the egg on him.

He comes out of his room with the pieces from his door, which was broken for the second time. William hits Lucy with the broken door piece, but she laughs at William even more. This makes the extremely furious William roar at Lucy "IT'S NOT FUNNYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!"

The video then ends with Violette signing off all angry and stressed, and William tells her to clean up his room. The first time William asks, he says, "please," and the second time, he yells at her.


“Lucy, stop!" - Violette

"William! Stop it right now! Give me that thing! You do not beat her with this!" - Violette, after William beats up Lucy with a controller.


“Over a box, William?" - Lucy

“Lucy, get out of this room right now, I don’t need this crap. Get out." - Violette

“Tell William to get out.” - Lucy

“They’re on the fricking roof." - Violette about William and Lucy fighting on the roof after Lucy steals his phone.

“I AM DONE! SHE IS DONE TAKING MY FRICKING PHONE!“ - William, when Violette tells him that Lucy stole his phone again.

"Lucy, you want me to turn off your phone Internet? Even though, you're grown up and I still paid for your phone." - Violette

"Get down there or I'm gonna turn off your phone data." - Violette, after Lucy walks out of Williams's room, taking William's phone.

"I'm going to my computer and I'm gonna turn off William's internet on his phone. I'm gonna turn off William's internet, come on. Let's go. Lucy's no longer gonna have a data plan. William's better have fun, but he's not gonna have Internet for several days now. Bye to your Internet. Have all this fun you want, cause Internet's gonna be gone, honey." - Violette

"I'm gonna grab your phone, I'll be back." - Violette

"No, you're not. You don't know where it is." - William

"Get down here. I'm gonna turn off your phone, William." - Violette

"NO!" - William

"Yes. I'm turning off your phone!" - Violette

[ Gasp ] "You just turned off her stream!" - Violette, after being shocked because William turned off Lucy's live stream again.

"William, sit down and wait for me now. Sit downstairs now. That's okay, he won't have phone internet all week. That's fine." - Violette

[laughs] - William



  • William might have deserved being interrupted because he had been on his XBOX for nearly 5 hours working on his (first and longest ever!) stream by the time Lucy interrupted him.
    • Even an hour is way too long.
  • This day was among the days where William was the angriest he ever was.
    • This video has probably the most uses of "get off" and "get out."
  • Zachary was sleeping downstairs the whole time the video was filmed and might have been woken up because of Lucy and William’s fighting.
  • This is the fourth video of Lucy fighting with her brother. This time, it was over a video game and involved ruining his live stream.
    • The other times Lucy and William fought were due to the craziest things that she did such as trying to kick her out of his room when she was playing Grand Theft Auto last year, Thanksgiving last year when she stole the play button because she’s a “star,” and William smashing his cake in his face on her 20th birthday.
  • Lucy and William's fight made SIX characters angry.
    • This is the most characters that have been upset/angry in any video together with the video from when William slammed her birthday cake in her face.
    • While Lucy is blocking William after he gets his phone back, Zachary can be heard whimpering and weeping in the background.
    • After William hits Lucy in the head with her broken door pieces, Beel and Elsie can be heard barking in the background.
      • The shape of the door piece that was broken was the result of what happened last year with Bill chain sawing the door and William subsequently duct taping it.
      • Many fans expressed their opinions about Lucy being a bad parent when she was fighting with William
  • This video is known to be Lucy and William’s disastrous and chaotic fight, mostly since Lucy bothered William, along with her extreme immaturity.
    • This fight is just as bad as the Thanksgiving fight with the play button.
      • The only difference is the fact that none of William and Lucy's aunts and uncles were with them.
  • The video was uploaded two days after Lucy and William’s disastrous and chaotic fight.
  • If William were asked what the worst day of his life has been, he would probably say that it was when he was livestreaming, and Lucy interrupted the stream.
  • This video is among the darkest episodes in the series because many things, such as William's stream and his bed, were ruined.
  • This video was uploaded on the same day that WILLIAMS POWER-OUT FREAK-OUT!!! was uploaded on July 24th 2016.
  • Lucy’s butt can be seen at 0:33, 2:01-2:04, 5:52, 8:17,
  • This is the third time William's bedroom door has been broken in some way. The first two being DAD CHAINSAWS KIDS DOOR DOWN!!! and WILLIAM DOESN'T WANT A HAIRCUT!!! (RAGE) respectively.