Plot[edit | edit source]

On one night, William, Lucy, Violette, and Zachary went out to see some Christmas lights. William was also the one driving. However, while on the road, Lucy was mocking William by saying how bad of a driver he was. She also threatens to tell the police that he's driving too fast (going 90 mph (144 km/h) on a 20 mph (32 km/h) road) so that she can get William's driver's license revoked, which makes William and Violette angry. This causes a huge argument in the car. When they were almost home, Lucy was still mocking William by saying he was going too fast.

Eventually, the Christmas tree that they bought earlier falls off of the roof of the car and then goes onto the windshield because William didn't tie it tight enough. There was some more arguing between William and Lucy, with Violette and Zachary telling them to stop arguing. Lucy then goes outside to get it.

When Lucy picks up the tree, William decides to run over her, so Lucy falls to the ground. William and Violette come out with her saying, "I saw you!" Lucy says, "I think he broke my butt!" That causes William to mock back at Lucy for her so-called injury and call her a big baby. Lucy tells William that he will have to take care of her.

William then drives off with Zachary, leaving Violette and Lucy stranded. Consequently, Lucy is shocked because William kidnapped Zachary. Violette and Lucy eventually get home, but Lucy says that her butt is still broken. William then returns, only to shove the tree into the trunk and then take off again. Lucy once again complains saying that William has to take care of her. Violette soon realizes that Lucy's faking her injury. William finally returns back to house and Violette checks on Zachary to see if he's alright and he's fine and they get inside to house.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is the first time Zachary gets kidnapped.
    • Only by his uncle, which wasn’t bad, but William stole the car and left his mom and sister behind after they stopped fighting.
  • Lucy got the “faking an injury” idea from Bill because he faked his injury of his foot that William ran over with his truck.
    • Lucy fakes it because she was upset about William’s driving, which is similar to Bill’s frustration to William’s driving in a driving test.
  • If you listen closely at 4:16, you can hear Lucy saying, "This is BLEEP! fricking ridiculous," albeit in a quiet voice.
  • You can tell Lucy wasn't injured because there would've been a crush sound if she was injured, but there wasn't.
  • This is the second time William does something mean to Zachary.
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