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SISTER BAKES BROTHER'S XBOX CONTROLLER IN OVEN INSIDE CAKE!!! (also known as Lucy Bakes William's Xbox Controller in Oven Inside Cake!!!) is a raging video uploaded to the Violette1st YouTube channel on 8 October 2017.




After the incident where Bill accidentally sat on William's birthday cake, Lucy decided to make William another cake. While she was mixing up the ingredients, William couldn't find his Xbox controller. He tried to look in the kitchen, but Violette told him there was a surprise coming up.

Once the cake was all baked, William came down to try and look for his controller. He then realized Lucy made him a cake and was really happy. After singing Happy Birthday, while William was cutting the cake, he was also munching into it. While he was eating more cake, he found his controller in the cake. This caused William to go crazy and say shit and damn causing Violette to go crazy as well.

William gets so enraged he threw his broken controller on the floor and slaps Lucy with cake stains on his hand in retaliation for baking his controller in the cake. He thought Violette was also in this plan and he threw cake on her. William then unwrapped a present, but it was only a Milky Way chocolate bar and a penny. He microwaved the Milky Way bar and threw it on Lucy. William tells Lucy to clean up the kitchen mess and Violette agrees, since Lucy started it but ended up ruining William's birthday. He then went to bed and realized it was another bad attempt to make his birthday go well.

Things Destroyed[]

β€’ Xbox One Controller ($59.99 in Damage)

β€’ William's Birthday Cake ($3.58 in Damage)

β€’ Milkyway Bar ($0.99 in Damage)

Total damage $64.56