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MOM SHOOTS DAD IN THE BUTT!!! (also known as Violette Shoots Bill in the Butt!!!) is a video that was uploaded on 29 August 2017 on the Violette1st YouTube channel.




At the start of the video, William is still sick due to an ear infection, but has got his ear drops and was lying on the sofa with Andy, who is starting to believe that William is truly sick. After an argument over which movie to watch for "Family Night" Bill, in disbelief over William's illness, throws water on William and saying he is faking it, infuriating him and Violette. Violette takes her camera to William and goes upstairs suggesting that she buys the family ice cream. Bill demands 2 ice creams and a Big Mac. William wanted to drive, but Bill refuses to let William drive, believing that William tried to kill him in his driving test. Andy suggests letting William drive, believing that wind would get the mucus out of his ear, but Bill refuses, maintaining his belief that William tried to kill him. Andy disagrees. Violette gets a BB-gun and shoots Bill in the butt as he is about to leave. As Bill screams in pain, Andy and William high-five each other while laughing and Andy tries to high-five a surprised Violette, who declines. The video ends with Bill sitting down on the couch with William complaining about Bill being the "Sick Boy" after Violette shot him.


  • This is the third time Bill gets shot in the butt by a BB-Gun and the first and second by William and first by Violette in this video.
  • This is the second time Andy has taken William's side.
  • Bill was hypocritical in the video where William says he's faking his butt hurting while Bill said he's not, but he didn't believe William's ear infection.
  • Ever since this video, Bill started calling Violette "Annie Oakley" whenever he is mad at her.
  • When Violette said "Hey Idiot" to Bill, he responded "What" as if "idiot" was his real name.