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This video was uploaded on May 23, 2017.



The video begins shortly after the events of WILLIAM REFUSES TO GET NEW SHOES!!!. William calls Violette (in a bit of a rude tone) to come look at the shoes he picked out on Amazon. At first she refuses due to William's tone but after he calms down she goes to his room to check, William then shows her the shoes he picked out, but to her surprise it's the exact same shoes that he's wearing. Infuriated, Violette tells William that he doesn't need the same pair of shoes again and he gets upset at this and gives her an ultimatum either he buys the same pair of shoes or no shoes. Enraged at William's stubbornness, Violette takes one of the shoes and heads up onto the roof. William then follows her and asks her why she took his shoe and why she is up there. Violette then announces that she is tired of William's old shoes and is going to get rid of it by tossing it into the woods. William begs her not to and tries to snatch the shoe away from her but Violette refuses and plays keep away with William, who is desperate to get his shoe back before she throws it. Eventually, Violette tosses the shoe and it lands somewhere near the woods. William then rushes to get it back, but has a hard time due to how dark it is outside. Eventually, he gives up and storms back into the house, enraged at Violette for doing that. Violette then apologizes to the audience for being too harsh on William, but states that it was for his own good as he needs new shoes. She then hears William angrily calling to her from her room, she then finds him in her room demanding that she buys him the same pair of shoes since she tossed one of his away, but Violette again refuses and says that William can have two pairs of shoes with one of them being the same pair he has but the other has to be different. However, William remains stubborn and refuses to get another pair as he only wants his pair. Violette continues to tell him he doesn't need the same pair, which results in William throwing a tantrum on Violette's bed, screaming that he is not getting two pairs of shoes. This shocks Violette, but before she can say anything else. Furious, William having had enough of her, closes and locks the window, trapping Violette on the roof as revenge for not only throwing his shoe into the woods, but for not letting him get the same pair of shoes. Violette gets angry and demands William to let her in, but he refuses, saying that is what she gets and declares that he is not going to school tomorrow either. Angered at William's behavior, Violette walks over to his bedroom window to confiscate his air conditioner out of his room as punishment, but finds that his bedroom window is locked as well. She then walks back to her bedroom window and demands William to let her in, but he refuses and states that while she won the battle, she lost the war as he is going to get the same pair of shoes again and she cannot stop him. Violette then tries reverse psychology and apologizes for making William buy new shoes, but William does not fall for it and tells her not to reverse it on him and that he does not mind getting new shoes, but he is furious that she will not let him get the same pair only. Violette then continues to tell him to let her in the house, William then opens the window slightly and asks her why he should even let her in after earlier. Violette then apologizes for being mean by tossing his shoe into the woods and making him get two pairs instead of one. William is still outraged at his mother again, refuses to get two pairs and says that he is only getting the same pair of shoes and that's that. Violette gets upset again and is about to argue back, but William closes and locks the window again. He then leaves the room telling her that he is going to go back outside to find the shoe. Infuriated, Violette goes back to his bedroom window and bangs on it excessively, even though he is not in there. Finally, Violette gives up and apologizes to the audience again for how she treated William tonight and that she needs to call someone to help get her off the roof as Bill and Andy are out for the night. Moments later, William returns (likely that he managed to find the shoe in the woods) and Violette once again demands that he lets her in now. But instead, William presents Violette's shoes to her and asks if she likes her shoes, which she replies she does, but they are different from her last pair and that she gets variety. William then proceeds to open the top of the window slightly and tosses Violette's shoes on the roof as vengeance for her tossing his shoe into the woods. The video ends with Violette shocked, and William angrily screams "THAT'S WHAT YOU GET! GET FRICKING REKT! YOU FRICKING SCRUB!"


  • This is the second video about William and his shoes.
  • It's possible that William found the shoe in the morning as it would have been easier to find in the daytime.
  • It's unknown if William actually skipped school the next day.
  • It's unknown how long Violette was trapped on the roof or if she eventually had someone get her down.
  • If you look very closely at the VHS cabinet when Violette snatches away William's shoe to throw in the woods, a clamshell copy of Beetlejuice, a Spongebob season, A Christmas Story, and Toy Story is seen.
  • After William tells Violette that come in here right now, Violette tells him that He is suppose to not to say that in that tone of voice, When other times Violette Screams at his name when He's Upstairs, She goes like this "Wiillliiaaam"..............."Wiiiilllllliiiaaaaammm".............................."WWWWWIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMM!!". Which makes her a hypocrite.
  • With this taking place a few weeks after MOM GOES PSYCHO AND THROWS FIDGET SPINNER OFF A ROOF!!! William locking and trapping Violette on the roof could possibly be his revenge for her mothers day tantrum a few weeks ago.
  • At 3:32, Violette almost accidentally says the SH-word.


  • Some fans believed that Violette deserved to be stuck on the roof due to her acting like a bully instead of a parent when she played keep away with William and tossed his shoe into the wood's.