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The video starts with William filming in the hallway as he hears Violette screaming and saying the S-word and some time after that, The F-word at Bill in their bedroom. He confronts Violette about her behavior, and she said that she was uploading a fan-mail video but it disappeared and the video was corrupted right before it uploaded at 98%. William wants to fix the video the next day, but Violette insists on fixing the video right then. Bill is asking them to be quiet. Violette then agrees to go back to sleep and fix the video in the morning. However, William hears more commotion going on from the bedroom, so he comes in to find out that Bill had asked Violette for a drink of water, as she just was falling back to sleep. This causes her to go into rage mode, throwing the water bottle, clothes, a heater and a couple more objects out the window. William then reluctantly agrees to go downstairs and fix the fan-mail video. On her phone, Violette shows William the video, which was originally 21 minutes, was 18 minutes. They attempt to re-film the video, and William reads some of the fan-mail. However, William gets fed up with Violette, threatening him to redo the video and quits.


  • This is the second time that Violette swears since KID CUTS HIS FINGER OFF WITH CHAINSAW!!!. Showing the fact that she is a hypocrite.
  • This is the first video where William is the person filming.
  • This video is a prequel to MOM FINDS HER FREAK-OUT VIDEO ON YOUTUBE!!!.
  • At 7:06, William said the f word. Violette didn’t notice because both words sound similar, so she mistakenly thought William said “fricking”.