Mom auctions sons Xbox for a penny is a video posted on violette1st and is the 54th video in the William's raging series playlist. It was uploaded on August 7, 2016.


Violette explains that she is disappointed of William's Bad Behavior since William shattered the dishes and refused to pay for the damages in WILLIAM SHATTERS THE DISHES!!! and his other past Bad Behaviors, so she has been getting some requests about what to do with William's Xbox and said she will go and sell his Xbox One. She is about to do it when William comes home with Bill. Violette calls him and William responds in a grouchy way with Violette telling to to not act like that and told him to come in the office for a talk along with Bill. Violette tells William she's not happy with William breaking the dishes previously and William says He's Sorry but Violette thinks he isn't sorry because she doesn't feel it and the fact William didn't pay for the dishes because of him being on Xbox and William responded saying stuff like she was annoying him until Violette responds saying she's the parent with William saying he doesn't care. Violette decided to punish William by telling him that she is going to list William's Xbox One on Ebay, but William said she can take his Xbox 360 but Violette said no. William thinks that Violette can't get it form him but it's too late that Violette already took it while William was out with Bill and shows William that his Xbox has already been listed and right now the Xbox One is at a relatives house. Violette shows William that the Xbox One has been sold on Ebay for a Penny and will get money to pay for the dishes which made William mad. William wanted his mom to take the Ad down but she refuses because of her 100% rating on Ebay and she is not gonna ruin her rating on Ebay. Violette said William can get his own money one day and buy a Xbox One at GameStop and William couldn't understand why his parents are making him learn a lesson after all the rude things he's done to the family like Breaking Violette's Dishes recently, Burning Bill's Car, Phone, Work Tools and Never spending Family Time with his parents and how things should change. Violette told him to make him think and learn his lesson which made William frustrated and flip the table in frustration and goes to bid on the Xbox One himself but Violette is keeping the money. After William leaves the office to go bid on the Xbox One, Violette tells the viewers that the Xbox is now on Ebay and they can place their bids in says "Happy Bidding! to William. After getting a bid on the Xbox One, Violette confronts William in his room by telling them someone placed their first bid to the Xbox with William responding "WHAT?!" in a Grouchy Way again and Violette telling him to stop with the attitude and told him someone placed a bid for the Xbox. William said he did it and called Violette an stupid idiot and Violette replies "Don't call me an idiot." Violette wonders why he can't get a new Xbox One from GameStop because William says this is Xbox One but Violette responds she's getting to money regardless and hopes William does some thinking and the video signs off.


The old auction can be viewed here:

The person who bidded $85K was not gonna pay and needed her to cancel it. Even if he had $85K, the ebay fees would be expensive. The new one can be viewed here:



This video has gotten mixed reviews. This video has 11.5K likes and 10k dislikes as of May 27, 2017. Many people criticized the video for their parent's decision to auction off the Xbox, and taking their parenting decisions too far and even buying William a Xbox One S after all of the torture, though some people thought that William deserved it.