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Lucy Anderson is William's older sister, Andy's cousin, Zachary's adoptive mother, and is the second child of Violette and Bill. She is the secondary and later turned tertiary antagonist and arch-rival to William in the Violette1st Series due to her bullying, fighting, insulting, arrogant, and destructive behavior towards William which causes him to unleash his rage by yelling, shrieking at her to leave him alone and accuse her to stop laughing at him, and his temper to rise as he starts destroying her objects including her phone, TV, her Birthday cake in 2017 to 2018, etc. She is William's jealous sister, because she thinks she deserves all the credit and is in way more videos and that the fans love her, which is false.


Lucy is a stupid, rude, crude, moronic, short-tempered, stubborn, selfish, reckless, egotistical, and argumentative person who is usually shown destroying some of William’s objects. She is often seen acting hypocritical, as she has no problem destroying William's things, but throws a tantrum when he destroys her stuff. William's items such as throwing his Xbox controller in the toilet, putting cake batter on both his face and cellphone and throwing his Xbox console in the river on a Family Spring Vacation in Florida. She and William had an often fight over the Xbox sometimes. Her first debut was in "William and Lucy fight over wii video game system". There had been older videos of her in the Violette1st channel, but mostly family videos rather than her being aggressive towards William.

Since Lucy has a Selfish, Rude, Spoiled and Stubborn personality she shares similar traits to Fictional characters like Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings from the Super Mario series, Brittney Wong and Jeremy Birnbaum from Star Vs. The Forces of Evil, Princess Morbucks from The Powerpuff Girls, Terrence from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Jacqueline Hyde & Medeva from "Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?" Nora Dershilt from "iCarly" Medusa from the "Castlevania" series Vicky from "The Fairly Oddparents" Rogles from "Valis The Fantasm Soldier" and Angelica Pickles from "Rugrats" Sabasa the witch from "Super Mario Land 2 The 6 Golden Coins" Captain Syrup from "Wario Land Super Mario Land 3" "Wario Land 2" and "Wario Land Shake It" Terrormisu from "Wario Master Of Disguise" Jade West from "Victorious" Ellie from "Sam and Cat" Megan Parker from "Drake & Josh" Grandma Taters & Beautiful Gorgeous from "The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius"

Lucy often bullies William and is usually antagonistic towards him. She also does things that greatly annoys William, such as taking his things without asking him.

Lucy happens to be childish/immature at times despite the fact she is 23 years old and is raising Zachary. Lucy thinks she should have everything she wants and should always get her way at everything and whenever she doesn't get what she wants she would get really upset. Lucy is a cunt. Examples include when she thinks she deserves the Play Button because she thinks she is the protagonist of the channel even though William and Violette are the protagonists of the channel since they appear in every video. She would often steal the play button as shown in LUCY TRIES TO STEAL THE PLAY BUTTON!!! and locked herself in the car flipping the bird on William in a childish way.  

Like the rest of the family, Lucy is extremely hypocritical and nice. She often criticizes William for being rude and destructive, when she often destroys his things ironically, and sometimes, she instigates and is very rude to him. Sofia herself also seems to show no remorse or take responsibility for her actions just like her father. A prime example is WILLIAM GETS HIS GTA5 DISK BURNED BY LUCY, where she instigates an argument with William and she kept telling him to stop playing games and "grow up" and started talking about how William threw Bill's stuff out the window, and starts pulling the headset off his head saying "stop talking to people and listen to us!" But at the end of the episode, she said she instigates nothing, but she clearly has instigates problems due to her stupidity sometimes. Times include when she destroyed William's Xbox 360 controller by throwing it in the toilet. which made his temper rise.

Like William and Bill, she's also very stubborn and she refuses to stop antagonizing William, give him his stuff back, etc. Lucy also says she never instigated or started conflicts which she clearly has.

Lucy happens to have a greedy personality. An example includes during Thanksgiving Dinner when Aunt Lee was presenting the Violette1st YouTube Play Button to the family, Lucy confiscates it thinking she deserves it because she thinks she's the star of the channel even though William and Violette appears in every video. She also tried to reap William's Xbox stream and started thinking that William gave it to her, but he didn't. She happens to think she deserves everything and should always have her way.

While unconfirmed, Lucy appears to be the favorite child of Bill unlike William, Sofia seems to receive little to no punishment for destroying William's property whatsoever. Bill could very well be the reason why she gets away with it sometimes.

She does seem to have a somewhat kind side, however, as she adopted Zachary, who is presumably an orphan, and volunteered to raise him.

Relationship with family


  1. "I'm the star, I'm the main character!"
  2. "I'm playing Grand Theft Auto!"
  3. "Well then you don't have to eat any."
  4. "It's not for you."
  5. "Duh! Now he can't play at all!"
  6. "You always get your way! It's not fair!"
  9. "Oh my BLEEP! Oh, my BLEEP! Finally." (When their parents destroyed the first XBOX)
  10. "I'm eating healthy though."
  11. "He ruined my makeup"
  12. "Why would you do that?! NOW I'M MAD!"
  13. "I want Vanilla Cake!"
  14. "Awesome, a 500 piece puzzle."
  15. "WILLIAM!"
  16. "He broke my butt!"
  17. "He took the baby!"
  18. "It's a necklace, it says L!"
  19. "Look what you did!"
  20. "You little BLEEP! HA!"
  21. "That's for ruining my birthday!"
  22. "That's not his channel!"
  23. "What is my problem?!"
  25. "You shoved a cake in my face."
  26. "Crybaby" (referring to William)
  27. "I hope he listens."
  28. "You want your controller? You want it?"
  29. "Well, I don't even have a phone to use because of you." (in the video where she fought with her brother over the cake)
  30. "Alright, I took your money and bought myself new makeup because you shoved a cake in my face and it messed up my makeup."
  31. "It's okay. You can take that dollar and you could buy yourself something nice."
  32. "You actually think you have enough for a pack of gum?"


  1. She, along with Zach, are the main characters who have not been in the series since the video where she throws her brother's XBOX into the river.