Plot[edit | edit source]

At Aunt Lee’s house, Violette, William, Lucy, a couple other of their relatives, and Zachary are having fun at Thanksgiving dinner. Aunt Lee rewards William and Violette the play button and said that she was so PROUD of them. However, Lucy causes trouble for her brother and threatens to eat the food on the play button. William gets Lucy back by going to the kitchen, grabbing something GROSS, and putting it in her hoodie (which is likely stinky cheese, eggs, or something from the trash/compost bin in the kitchen).

So Lucy said, "EWWWW! WILLLLLLLLIAM!" Zachary cried, so Violette tells William and Lucy to not fight and act like babies/young kids for the sake of Zachary.

Lucy steals the play button by taking it away from Aunt Lee, much to her and Violette's shock. So they panic. William chases Lucy outside while Violette follows them. As she tries to maintain peace between her kids, William gets fed up and says that Lucy “ALWAYS RUINS EVERYTHING” and as a result, he can’t be around her. As Violette asks them to get along, Lucy takes the play button again, but this time, she took it away from William, and runs off, making William go after her.

Violette finds Lucy in her car with the play button. Violette yells at her to get out. Lucy then uses the middle finger at William and their mother immaturely. After a whole night of chaos with William and Lucy chasing each other, Violette has had enough and expect for her kids to get along. Lucy and William argue with each other back and forth about Lucy being the “Star” on YouTube and getting more fans. William takes the play button and goes to Aunt Lee’s house. Lucy cools off, and Violette gets annoyed and says that after Lucy calms down, she’ll let her know. Violette then turns off the camera.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  1. This is the first video where Violette and her family goes to their relative’s house.
  2. This is Zachary’s second appearance in this video.
  3. This is one of those episodes where Lucy causes problems for her brother and her mother.
  4. This is one of those videos where Lucy uses the middle finger.
  5. When William starts chasing Lucy, this could be a reference of those old videos where she was still living at the house with their family.
  6. This is one of those craziest moments where Lucy acts childish in front of her family and causes problems.
  7. The two videos that feature Aunt Lee are unavailable in Restricted Mode for YouTube.
    1. The older video involves William throwing the Thanksgiving turkey on the ground.
    2. The newer one involves him and Lucy fighting over the play button.
  8. William keeps saying, "GET OUT!!!!!!!!!"
    1. That irritates some of the views .
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