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At Aunt Lee’s house, Violette, William, Lucy, Uncle Bruce, Uncle J.R, Aunt Lois, Aunt Lee, and Zachary are having fun at Thanksgiving dinner. Aunt Lee rewards William and Violette the play button and said that she was so proud of them. However, Lucy causes trouble for her brother and threatens to eat the food on the play button. William gets Lucy back by telling her that she "always has to ruin everything". He goes to the kitchen, grabs something, puts it in her hoodie, and slaps her hood on her head (which is likely stinky cheese, eggs, or something from the trash/compost bin in the kitchen).

So Lucy screams, "EWWWW! WILLLLLLLIAM!" Zachary cried, so Violette tells William and Lucy to never fight and act like babies/young kids, especially when Zachary's with them. Lucy keeps saying that she is the star, but for the second time, William tells Lucy that she's got to ruin everything.

Lucy steals the play button by taking it away from Aunt Lee, much to her and Violette's shock. So they panic, and William chases Lucy outside while Violette follows them. Lucy, who has the play button in her hands, has her arms even higher than her bro's height. Lucy also laughed at him. Now, William can't reach up to Lucy’s arms, making him very frustrated. As Violette tries to maintain peace between her kids, William gets even more fed up and again says that Lucy “ALWAYS RUINS EVERYTHING.” But Lucy says that she deserves all the credit. William says that Lucy always needs to ruin everything, and as a result, he can’t be around her. As Violette asks them to get along, Lucy takes the play button again, but this time, she took it away from William, and runs off, making William go after her. He says, "BLEEP!" He and Violette tell Lucy to stop.

Violette finds Lucy in the car with the play button. Violette yells at her to get out. Lucy then uses the middle finger at William and their mother immaturely. After a whole night of chaos with William and Lucy chasing each other, Violette has had enough and expect for her kids to get along. She tells William about how she thinks that Lucy was trying to tease him.

Lucy and William argue with each other back and forth about Lucy being a terrible mother as she left Zachary there, and then about her being the “Star” on YouTube and getting more fans. William, extremely annoyed, takes the play button and goes to Aunt Lee’s house. But William (for the umpteenth time) asks Lucy about why she always has to ruin each holiday. She said that she is the star. Lucy cools off, and Violette gets annoyed and says that after Lucy calms down, she’ll let her know. Violette then tells Lucy that she is not getting a present for Black Friday and then turns off the camera.



  • This is the first video where Violette and her family goes to their relative’s house.
  • Bill and Andy are nowhere to be seen in this video. Even though it's Thanksgiving and several members of the Anderson family are there. Possibly because both of them had work.
  • This is Zachary’s fourth appearance in this video.
  • This is one of the craziest moments where Lucy acts childish in front of her family and causes problems.
  • This is Lucy's and Zachary's last appearance in a raging video in 2016.