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LUCY THROWS WILLIAMS PHONE IN CAKE BATTER was a video first uploaded in March 20, 2016 and is the 17th video in the "William's Raging Series Playlist".


The video begins with William complaining about how Lucy is making a cake but won't give him any. His mother asks Lucy if she could at least put some of the cake in a cupcake tin for William. Lucy decides that William won't get any of the cake after he destroyed her phone on Saturday because she wanted to make smoothies instead of going out to eat, the latter of which William wanted. Ultimately, William lashes out on his mom in anger over Lucy not giving him any of the cake. His mom decided that due to his tantrum, Lucy gets to decide who gets the cake. Also, he mentioned about all the stuff Lucy destroyed, namely his XBOX controller, laptop, and her taking the XBOX and helping their parents destroy it.

William angrily gets up with his phone to leave the kitchen to play Xbox. But then Lucy grabs his phone and puts it in the cake batter. William then picks up the "cake batter-covered" phone only for Lucy to pour the cake batter on William. She then smashes the phone with a hammer, destroying it for good.

William then proceeds to wash his hair while Lucy laughs at him for his bad behavior over a cake as their mom tells William to shower his head instead of washing it off a sink.

Things Destroyed[]

Victims Destructor Method Victims Final Results
William's Phone Lucy Put in the cake batter Destroyed and covered in cake

(~$200.00 in Damages)


William Poured the cake on Head covered in cake; Cleaned


  • Before William washes his face off while Lucy laughs, Zachary can be heard wailing.
  • This is Zachary's third appearance in a video, but it only features his voice, not his face.
  • It is unknown who Megan is, it could either be Lucy’s friend from her high school or from college.