Plot Edit

The video begins with William wanting to get revenge on his dad for putting hot sauce on his spaghetti. So they go to Walmart and buy Laxative. Then, William goes and pours a bottle of Laxative on a milkshake and stirs it. They go to the house to give to his dad. Bill liked it at first, but he gets explosive diarrhea and has to use the bathroom. William tells Bill it was a prank and he gets mad. The rest of the video is William teasing his dad and William's mom saying it might go too far.

Reception Edit

While many people were disappointed that it wasn't William's revenge video, many people admire the revenge video saying Bill deserved it for putting hot sauce in William's food.

Some people were predicting what Bill's revenge video is or when William's revenge video will be released. There has also been rumored that this can be the start of the prank wars.


  • When Bill is asked how he feels, to which he responds, ' Like BLEEP!"
  • This is the first time Bill uses his second famous quote, "freaking dingbat!”
  • This is the first of the three times William has pranked Bill with laxatives.
    • Unlike the other videos involving laxatives, you could hear the sounds of Bill defecating from 6:17-6:23 in the video
  • This video has been removed from YouTube for violating the community guidelines because of the laxatives.
  • This episode is after “HOT SAUCE PRANK GONE HORRIBLY WRONG” and after when William puts spaghetti on Bill’s head.
  • If you listen closely at 7:10, you can hear Bill angrily saying to William "You BLEEP! idiot."
  • This video was re-uploaded by CMBgamer 2018 TV, where it was removed by YouTube again.
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