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"We seriously have to ground him for this, Violette!"

"You think you own this vehicle or something, jerk?!"

Bill confronting William after he has stolen the car.

KID STEALS CAR TO GO BUY FIDGET SPINNER is a video uploaded onto the Violette1st YouTube channel on June 1, 2017.


Bill is spinning a fidget spinner on his nose. Andy and William go mad, count down from 15, and fight for the fidget spinner. Andy grabs hold of it, and rubs it in William's face by continuously chanting, "I GOT THE FIDGET SPINNER!" The two keep fighting, and Will pushes Andy onto the couch and yells, "AOOOAOAOAOAOOAOAOAOOAOAOAOOAOAOOOAOAOAOAOOAOAOAOOAOAOAOOAOAOOOAOAOAOAOOAOAOAOOAOAOAOOAO!" The two fight each other, and some of the fight even takes place outside the house. When William, Violette, and Andy get inside, the latter puts the fidget spinner in his pants and makes it unusable for the rest. William becomes very angry at what Andy did, making him yell, "Oh my god!" grabs his arm and then gets the car keys. William steals the car to get a new spinner, so his parents get furious.

When he comes back, he notices that he forgot money, and then William and Andy fight over the spinner. William gets spoons, which he and Andy use to hit each other with. During this fight, William hits Andy with his shoe, and Andy even steals William's shoe to stop him from taking the money and going off in the car again. William and Violette try to stop Andy, and they went to the deck. William tried to get the shoe from him, but it failed because Andy puts William's shoe in his pants. William gets VERY ANGRY and tries to throw a chair over the patio, but it fails.

Andy gives the shoe back to William, he hits Andy with his shoe while Violette tells Andy to stop putting things in his pants because it is inappropriate/disgusting. Violette tells him it is not funny, but he laughs over it and goes to touch William. When Violette threatens to turn off the camera because Andy and William are crazy, the latter slams his shoe on the patio and then whines, "Oh my BLEEP!" the second time. Violette tells William to calm down, and Andy gives him a pat on the back while William gets VERY ANGRY once again and slams the spoon on the grill many times. Violette quiets him and whispers to him that the lady (maybe a lady she told him about before the video) is unstable. When William ANGRILY tells her he does not care about the psycho lady, Violette tells him they hate dealing with psycho people and that it's best to stay away from psychotic people. Andy whispers to William and tells him about the psycho people. William ANGRILY hits Andy with the shoe, slams the spoon on the grill one time, and once again, Andy takes away William's shoe before yelling, "WHO'S THE PSYCHO NOW, PUNK?"

Andy gives the shoe back to William again, and William (again VERY MAD) throws the spoon, which Violette gets. Violette tells him to stop, and William gets angrier again, causing him to try to throw the old different chair over the patio. This time, it goes over the patio and off the deck while Violette in fear tells William to stop it. Andy asks William why he did that, and Violette tells him that throwing the chair over the patio is very unnecessary and that they cannot throw chairs over the patio. William goes to sleep and Violette signs off while Andy tells Violette's fans not to put objects in pants (or shirt, although Andy didn't mention shirts) because it makes people ANGRY (a lesson he taught them).


  1. This is the fourth fidget spinner video.
  2. This is the fourth time the car is stolen.
  3. This is the second time Andy puts something in his pants. The first time being in WILLIAM AND ANDY BEAT EACH OTHER WITH THEIR PEPPERONI STICKS!!! Both of these videos involve Andy putting things in his pants twice.
  4. This is the sixth time William took the car.
  5. This video had a few uses of "Ass".
  6. William put soap in his mouth the second time at 10:52 after it touched Andy's hand, which had the fidget spinner. The first time being in ANDY BEATS UP WILLIAM!