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KID SPENDS $400 ON DAD'S CREDIT CARD!!! (Also known as William Spends $400 on Bill's Credit Card!!!) was posted on violette1st and is the 63rd video in the Violette1st raging series playlist on YouTube.


The video begins with Bill digging through the family's couch to search for his credit card. Violette wonders what's going on and Bill said he went to McDonald's to buy a couple of Big Macs and a box of Chicken Nuggets, and then he discovered his credit card is missing. Bill tells Violette he has no idea where the card could've gone when she asked him where he believes the card could've gone. As Bill started digging through his chair after asking William to move, Violette asks Bill where was the last time he used his credit card and Bill told her KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). Violette asked Bill to call KFC and ask them if he lost his credit card there if he's certain that that's where he left it last time. However, Bill doesn't call KFC because he doesn't believe he left his credit card there. Violette proceeded to tell Bill he could report his credit card lost and he can eat food available in the house since he doesn't have to get Big Macs.

A few moments later, William comes downstairs with Bill's credit card, which he cut in half, and Violette gets shocked. William then asks Bill if he was looking for his credit card and shows it to him. Bill then asks William why he cut his credit card. William tells Bill that he recently purchased something with the credit card. Bill asks him what he bought with his credit card and William says he bought a new Xbox to replace the one he and Andy destroyed in GREATEST XBOX ONE S DESTRUCTION EVER!!!. This made Bill really enraged and tells William he's not buying an Xbox with his credit card but William already bought it. Bill immediately says that the Xbox is going back and that he's not buying William an Xbox. Violette, who didn't like what Andy and Bill did to William in destroying his Xbox, suggests to Bill that he lets it slide. Bill refuses and asks William to surrender the Xbox (so he can get the $400 refunded).

William responds by rushing upstairs, shutting and locking his door so Bill can't take it back. Violette asks Bill to let him keep the Xbox since his actions the previous week were immature and Bill even tells Violette that William is "spoiled", but Bill insists that William needed to learn a lesson (because of all the bad things William did to Bill) and demands that William let him into his room. William does open the door, only to hand Bill the now-torn-up packaging, saying he can't return the Xbox and get the $400 refunded now (despite the fact whenever you've torn up packaging to something you bought it can't be returned). An angry Bill tells William that he will not get away with this, and plans his revenge. Bill then tells William now he owes Bill a TV (again) because William axed the one he bought in KID AXES DAD'S TV OVER XBOX!!!.

Things Destroyed[]

• Bill's Credit Card ($2.00 in Damage)


  • This is the second most-viewed video on Violette1st, having over 3 million views as of June 2019.
  • This is one of those videos where William gets his revenge on his dad for the Xbox destruction.
  • Bill can't return gaming systems to where they came from, so technically, Bill wouldn't have gotten the refund.
  • When Violette mentions the events of GREATEST XBOX ONE S DESTRUCTION EVER!!!, she means that Bill's actions were not right and it does not teach his son a lesson to break things when he loses his temper.
  • This one of the few videos where Bill recognizes that William is very spoiled. However, the $400 credit card charge was worth it for all his actions in the GREATEST XBOX ONE S DESTRUCTION EVER!!!.