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KID SPEEDS OFF IN CAR WITH COUSIN CLINGING ON ROOF!!! (also known as William Speeds Off in Car with Andy Clinging on Roof!!!) is yet another raging video on the Violette1st YouTube channel.




William wants to get rid of Andy's hat because he is embarrassed when Andy wears the hat, and William wants to get Andy back for beating him up in ANDY KICKS WILLIAM'S BUTT!!! As a result, while Andy was asleep, William takes his Christmas hat off of his head. After that, William locks him, along with Violette, outside the house. Andy, understandably angry, begs William to give him back his beloved hat and let him back inside.

William then leaves the house with lighter fluid, a lighter and Andy's hat, gets into the SUV, and locks Violette and Andy out. Andy then climbs on the vehicle's roof and yells at William through the sunroof, asking him once again to give him back his hat. William then shows Andy the lighter before he starts the car, and he drives away with Andy on the roof as Violette flips out. Violette walks around in front of the house for a few minutes, hearing Andy continuously yelling "Give me my hat!" in distance.

William ends up returning without Andy on the car's roof! As Andy comes running back, William yells at him. Once Andy gets back, William sets Andy's hat on fire. Andy watches in horror and shouts at William saying, "What is the matter with you?" as William burns his Christmas hat. Andy attempts to put the fire out by hitting the hat with his jacket, only to ruin it in the process. William thinks it's hilarious and shows the aftermath on camera, showing what's left of the hat and the remains of the jingle bell and flaunts it in front of Violette and Andy. Violette feels bad for Andy. William yells at Andy, then the two start fighting. William finds out that Andy's hat, that's now fried is stuck to his jacket.

The video ends with Violette giving William a "little spanking." William tells Andy that the hat is stuck to his jacket, and Andy and William fight once again. Violette tells them to stop.

Things Destroyed[]

• Andy's Santa Hat ($5.00 in Damage)

• Andy's Jacket ($15.00 in Damage)


  • This is the fourth time that William steals the car.
  • This is the first time that Andy flips the bird.
  • William or Andy must have honked the car when they were still fighting, so Violette says they’re gonna wake up the neighbors.
    • It was probably William because he was in the car.
  • William's family, especially Andy, was very lucky that he didn't get hurt. William might have crashed the car, which could have caused Andy to fall off the sunroof and be injured.
  • At 5:00, you can hear Andy faintly screaming or yelling in the distance.
  • This Episode is A Reference Of William taking Bill’s Phone & Burning it Over Christmas Cookie’s.
  • It's quite odd for William to say the line from the 1990 Home Alone movie "Merry Christmas you Filthy Animal" when he says that he hates Christmas Movies in WILLIAM SHOOTS THE TV!!!
    • This is one example of him being hypocritical.
    • & it’s more then likely he’s saying that to be Vain.